Trivia / Bittersweet Candy Bowl

  • Creator Backlash: The author got rather fed up at the unsettling number of fan characters in the community and the amount of focus they got.
  • Fan Nickname: Extended time calling them McCain, "Final Fantasy Cat", and "Confrontation Cat" has made them more used than their official names, especially among fans. Their names being Alec, Augustus, and Alejandro, respectively.
  • Jossed: "Another Chance" about Augustus being a planned rapist.
    • Also, Pillow Talk about Jessica being a slut.
    • At Loose Ends jossed that Abbey's mom was still alive.
  • Old Shame: Many original chapters were moved over to the "Graveyard" section on the site.
  • One of Us: Taeshi is clearly aware of this site. See her page comment.
  • What Could Have Been: "Another Path". Eventually. Though, it could well have gone a lot worse if it had happened.