Heartwarming / Bittersweet Candy Bowl

  • The kiss between Mike and Lucy at the end of Confrontation.
  • Tess and Paulo at prom in "Love My Way"
  • Awww. Also a Tear Jerker.
  • Zack and Catherine get together.
  • Abbey and Daisy getting together.
  • Hugs will make everything better.
  • "I'm here for you, okay?"
  • "Another Path". Despite taking adventage of Lucy in her most vunerable moment, Paulo and Lucy both end up the better for it and come up happy in their new relationship.
  • Jessica and Rachel's friendship. The fact that Rachel still stayed friends with Jess despite the rumors that were spread by Tess.
  • After finally finding out the fate of his Mother in "Loose Ends", Abbey has a complete emotional breakdown at his mother's grave. Without a word, Daisy wraps her arms around him, and holds him while he cries, and wordlessly comforts him in the car on the way home. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • "Scenic Route", where Tess, amongst the warm and fuzzy sensations of spending an entire day with her friends, planned the entire outing with the ulterior motive of helping Daisy and Abbey get back together.
  • In "Search and Rescue", when the group finds Mike unharmed, Sue glomps him and doesn't let of him for half the strip because she was that worried about him.
  • In a half-meta example where, during March 2016, a chapter ended with Mike having a flashback of Lucy comforting Mike over his Sandy-related insecurities would have at least one viewer mention that Mike would have gone to Lucy over his other friends because she is the only one who'd really bother to care as much, also specifically pointing out Abbey as unlikely to be of any help due to either not caring or being too awkward. Come a newer chapter where Mike seems incredibly troubled (due to experiencing déja-vu due to the chapter beginning similar to his previous nightmare) while in the company of Abbey and Daisy, and Abbey is compassionately checking up on him just as much as Daisy is.
  • Chapter 95, even though the main cast's friendship slowly begin to become worse. It seems like some good things are happening to some characters.
    • Augustus being more or less adopted by Lucy's family. Augustus' first reaction to them allowing him to stay at their home before he graduates is to begin crying and commenting on how this is to good to be true. Lucy's mother almoyst immediately breaks him out of it.
  • Paulo's heartfelt apology to Mike and Mike apologizing to Paulo in return in Chapter 101. This is particularly notable because it followed immediately after the tumultuous conclusion of the previous chapter. To emphasize, Mike leaves school depressed and deflated. He then runs into Paulo, with whom he previously delivered a violent outburst to. Mike rightfully expected that he would return the favour, but what does Paulo do? He hugs him, apologizing for his pushy behavior, and acknowledging that Mike's always had his back despite Paulo previously being an asshole to him and that he doesn't get mad like that for no reason. This prompts Mike to apologize as well for his outburst. They then decide to play video games at Mike's place, cementing their reconciliation. After several chapters of Mike getting more and more toxic, especially in the recent ones, it's good to see that there may yet be hope for him after all.