Headscratchers / Bittersweet Candy Bowl

  • How did Paulo know the queen was Tess in David's story? Or the princess was Daisy?
    • ...David told him off-panel?
    • Tess is older, so she's the queen.
  • In an early strip, a young Lucy is shown being given a Barbie doll, which she then proceeds to run over with her little toy truck. But the Barbie doll is clearly made in the image of a human! Are there humans in the BCB world that we don't know about or something?
    • When Rachel and Paulo saw Casablanca, it also clearly had humans. Maybe humans are fictional beings in the BCB universe, and are used in toys and movies?
    • I think they see humans like we see anthropomorphic animals.
  • How did Mike manage to assume Lucy didn't care about him at all when she took quite a beating for him and got her face clawed trying to keep him safe in chapter 12? It would be a serious stretch to think she'd take that for someone she didn't care about. Amnesia or denial? Lucy doesn't even bother him these days, but he treats her like his worse enemy as of 68. Her finally confessing seems like it made him hate her guts. My best guess is that this is the culprit.
    • It seems like he repressed the memory when he tried to demonize Lucy as much as possible to himself. That's why The memory is one of the things that he remembers when he starts thinking about the times when Lucy really did treat him as a friend, and why he broke down afterwards
    • Mike seems to understand how unhealthy Lucy's dependency issues are. As far as he's concerned, she occasionally does nice things for him, but she's really just clinging to him because she needs him, not because she cares for him. The reason he's so cruel to her is because he's accepted the notion that the only affection he'll get in exchange for all the abuse he puts up with is clingy, desperate, fake affection that Lucy would just give to someone else if Mike were out of the picture.
      • And as of recent events, it starts to become obvious that he might not be as replaceable as he thought... Then again, the alt-con comics have been showing that for a long time, as well. (Disaster Dominoes)
      • These are the most important main story-related observations that a lot of fans are missing. Sure, anyone can point to times where Lucy really watched out for Mike and how she tried to improve for him, but from *Mike's point of view* however, all of those soured into insincere attempts to keep Lucy's "security blanket" safe. Remember:
      • 1) In Acapulco, Mike learned that Lucy thought he had died, but he *also* saw how she desperately clung to someone else (in this case, Paulo) during that time.
      • 2) In a span that couldn't have been more than 1-2 weeks *at most* Lucy went from A) her confession to Mike to B) desperately reaching out to Paulo and trying to make him her rebound to C) transplanting her previously Mike-centric dynamics to Paulo. To make things worse, Mike only learned about the Paulo-encounter *by accident* because he just so happened to be in the hallway when Lucy confronted Paulo about his sleeping around after rejecting her.
      • 3) Lucy moving on to Augustus. From what Mike can see, this just comes off as yet another case of Lucy trying to find anyone who will keep her company. Ironically, it appears that Lucy's continuing to move to new people was starting to help her learn to develop normal interpersonal relationships—if only Mike's disapproval reversed, that would probably have tethered her to a healthier path.
      • 4) Together, in the context of Mike's limited observations, all that Lucy did for him were merely by-products of her taking care of that which kept her from being alone (as opposed to genuine affection). Mike's increasingly hostile treatment to Lucy is more a tragic mistake than anything.
  • Carson's "death" has been bugging me. Since the author removed the pages of his "death" and put them in the Graveyard section (which is where non-canon pages and comics go), then isn't Carson technically not dead in canon?