Tear Jerker / Bittersweet Candy Bowl

Probably the only webcomic that will make you cry for good reasons.
  • Anytime Lucy loses Mike, she has a heartrending emotional breakdown. It really shows just how attached she's become to him over the years. However, the single saddest moment happens in Chapter 51 "A Distance Apart" when Lucy finally admits her love for him, and he rejects her.
  • There have been other tearjerkers besides the one above. How about some of Daisy's Corrupt the Cutie moments during the Awakening arc? In Rising Temperature, being humiliated by Katie and two in this page? Mike feels guilty for ignoring Daisy and Daisy is all alone, even though she does have her friends.
  • Pillow Talk has some more tearjerkers for you. Though, YMMV on them.
    • The way things are going in that flashback, you just know the whole chapter will turn out as one...
      • Yeah, the flashback ended sad, so the chapter seems to be so full of Tear Jerkers.
  • In the "December" arc, Mike finally tears into Lucy over everything she's done to him, culminating in him declaring his undying hatred for her. The worst part, he then reveals he never saw her as a friend.
  • "At Loose Ends" show more of Abbey's Dark and Troubled Past, specifically, his final straw with his father, how he became a woman-protector, and his mother's death. All in the middle of the fucking Christmas season.
  • "Just Beautiful" is relatively lighthearted...until Lily chases off Mike, who decided to try apologizing to Lucy for his recent behavior. Not really that sad, since he was only doing so on Sandy's advice, but then She and Lucy have to tell Yashy the truth behind Mike's status. Jesus!
  • "Small Fry", despite being more of a light-hearted romp through Paulo's 16th birthday, and his foray into getting a part-time job and learning how to drive, shows us the inevitability of Rachel and Paulo's 'friends-with-benefits' relationship, especially with Paulo feeling guilty about Rachel's genuine attraction to him while he's still hoping that Lucy will one day return...
  • "Total Recall", wherein at the end of the Junior Prom, where Paulo, Matt, and Jordan do some definite male bonding, they get caught right into a car accident.
  • "Trapped," where Augustus has his origins with Alejandro told, and we run into a girl named Melanie... who is in an abusive relationship with Alejandro. On page 25, she reveals that the scholarship she wants is specifically to get away from Alejandro, and her breakdown over it is painful to watch.