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Fire Breathing Diner: Videogames
  • Some video games, such as Trog and Boogerman, even make use of this trope as a powerup: eating a chili pepper will allow the player to breathe (or fart) fire for a period of time.
  • Kirby's Dream Land had a Super Spicy Curry item that let you breathe fire.
    • The same item appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with much the same effect. Humorously, the curry even affects ROB (who is a robot and has no visible orifice) and Falco (being a bird, he should be immune to spice).
  • Kingdom of Loathing has ability Chronic Indigestion gained from eating an ultra-spicy burrito made with enchanted beans. It does 10-15 HOT damage + however full you are.
  • Blast Seeds cause you to exhale an explosion when you eat them in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Anyone caught in the blast takes damage.
  • Dhalsim of the Street Fighter games had a fire-breathing ability that the English instruction manual originally attributed to "spicy curry." Recently adaptations accredit it to spirituality (more exactly, the blessings of the Hindu god of fire, Agni).
  • One of the mini-games in Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2 has the titular Rabbids using this as a means to cook chicken.
  • There's a craftable food in World of Warcraft called Dragonbreath Chili. Eating it will cause the player to occasionally breathe fire that does minor damage to nearby enemies. During the Midsummer Fire Festival, some vendors sell a drink that causes the player to breathe fire, although unlike the chili it doesn't harm enemies.
    • The Pandaren Brewmaster hero in Warcraft III also sports a flame breath attack where in he swigs alcohol from a giant keg and then spews the ignited mixture all over his enemies. If one casts "Drunken Haze" (more or less hurling booze on the enemy and rendering them instantly drunk!) they'll also ignite and take additional damage over several seconds as they burn!
  • In the Touhou series, we have Suika Ibuki, last boss of Immaterial And Missing Power, who actually has this trope as an attack.
  • Doppel Nanase pulls this trope using ramen for one of her attacks in Eternal Fighter Zero.
  • Done to solve a puzzle in Simon the Sorcerer. To get rid of a living snowman, eat some mints to make the titular character breath fire on it.
  • Mr. Luggs in Luigis Mansion apparently eats something hot enough to cause this effect, shooting fifteen fireballs at Luigi at a time before getting tired and able to be attacked.
  • In Dragon Quest VIII, it is possible to feed Munchie, your mouse, a very spicy cheese to make it breath fire. However, this isn't only its ability. Feed it a variety of cheese and it will spew out things accordingly (including, but not limited to, frozen cheese, steel cheese for buffing, and even angel cheese to revive allies).
  • In the Nancy Drew game Legend of the Crystal Skull, feeding Bess Marvin several servings of hot-sauce-drenched Cajun cooking will cause the screen to turn reddish as she belches a puff of flame.
  • In Super Sentai Battle Dice O, one of Gokai Yellow's special attacks involves inflicting this on her opponents. Seriously.
  • In Rampage, eating a soldier carrying a flamethrower causes your monster to cough flame for a moment.

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