Film: The American Astronaut

The American Astronaut is a 2001 Space Western Science Fiction musical about space captain Samuel Curtis in middle of a Chain of Deals to give the Venusians a new king and earn a few bucks while being chased by the mentally-unbalanced Professor Hess that sabotage his plans.

In this original take of Sci-Fi, space is mostly guided by roughnecks and all spaceships seems to be easy repaired with hammers giving it a feeling of Used Future for truckers, with goes along pretty well with the awesome music, this can only be described as a Firefly musical with Flash Gordon serial props.

Also by the same people (and in the same vein) is Stingray Sam, an episodic serial which can be played on screens of all sizes, including mobile phones.

The American Astronaut includes examples of:

Stingray Sam

Liberty Chew Chewing Tobacco presents!

Stingray Sam, a lounge singer on parole on Mars, finds himself invited kidnapped by his former partner-in-crime The Quasar Kid on a mission to rescue a girl child being held by Upper-Class Twit Fredward. This provides an excuse for much social satire, Big Lipped Alligator Moment songs, and dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing!

Alternative Title(s):

Stingray Sam