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Film: Kuffs

In Kuffs, Christian Slater plays George Kuffs, an irresponsible 21-year-old who walks out on his pregnant girlfriend Maya (Milla Jovovich) and runs, broke, to see his big brother Brad (Bruce Boxleitner) in San Francisco. Bruce is the owner of a Special Patrol, a franchised civilian auxiliary police force. During George's visit, Bruce is killed, and George, who witnessed the killing, takes over the patrol to seek revenge. But first George has to earn respect from the patrol, and at first all of them want him out. But with the help of a police liaison (Tony Goldwyn), he uncovers an illicit scheme involving $50 million, a case Bruce was just about to break when he was killed. George decides to stick around and complete the work his brother started. ~ Paul Brenner


  • Babies Ever After
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: George talks to the audience throughout the movie, sometimes in the presence of other characters who fail to notice.
  • Bond One-Liner: After one of the two heroes shoots a mook in front of his companions. With a shotgun.
    Mook: Twelve gauge pump, boys. They only got three shots. They can't get us all! *pulls out his gun*
    Ted shoots him with a shotgun
    George Kuffs: gestures to dead hood Well, now we know he can add...
    gestures to Ted
    George Kuffs: And he can subtract. So who wants to be next here?
  • Butt Monkey: Ted.
  • Cowboy Cop: George.
  • Disappeared Dad: Played With. George Kuff attempts this at the beginning of the film, later lamenting that his brother raised him.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Luck and reflexes can only explain so much...
  • Law Enforcement, Inc.: Premise of the film is that an irresponsible young man inherits his brother's San Francisco Patrol Special Police franchise.
  • Mood Whiplash: The opening scene is happy, then fades to drama. About one third of the way through it becomes almost slapstick with the poor partner of George... Veering into a a dramatic comedy. Then, once the black comedy gets comfortable, the final two scenes happen. Wear a helmet.
  • Precision F-Strike: George Kuff's partner launches into a heavily bleeped tirade spoofing profanity bleeps (every swear word is covered with a different sound), culminating in a very loud and unbleeped ''"FUCK YOU!"''
  • Revenge The killing of George's brother is what turns George from "I'm not that sort of a guy" when offered a law enforcement position to the boss of Law Enforcement, Inc..
  • Sound Effect Bleep: In the same scene as Precision F-Strike, this is both used and subverted in the same scene, when Kuffs' dispatch radio overrides every swear word in a conversation between him and his police chaperon until the end, where he very clearly enunciates the F Bomb here.
  • Victory Through Intimidation: Kuffs and Bukovsky, armed with pump shotguns, are facing about a dozen hoods in the film's climactic confrontation:
    Unidentified Hood: It's a 12-gauge pump, boys. He's only got three shots. They can't get us all!
    He reaches for his gun, Ted blows him away
    George Kuffs: gestures to dead hood Well, now we know he can add...
    gestures to Ted
    George Kuffs: And he can subtract. So who wants to be next here?

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