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Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Promise Kept by Sarah1281
  • Recommended by bink1227
  • Synopsis: Having brought the princess back to life, the Huntsman is left with one of two possibilities. Either Snow White is his true love or the queen kept her promise and now his kisses can revive the dead. Well, there's only one way to test that theory.
  • Comments: A very humorous look at an alternate reason for how Snow White might have been revived. Rated T

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Pedigree of Honey by Verboten Byacolate
  • Recommended by bink1227
  • Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White
  • Synopsis: Eyes the color of sky and tumultuous sea spark with daring and danger and adrenaline, and she can almost taste the wine on his breath. He asks her again, slowly, softly what she is hiding from him behind her curtain of innocence, and she meets him in the middle with soft honesty.
  • Comments: Begins when Snow White returns to life from the queen's spell. Lots of insight into Snow White and the Huntsman's characters. Rated T

Harsh Winter by Fire Element13
  • Recommended by bink1227
  • Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White
  • Synopsis: After Snow White's coronation, the Huntsman disappears without so much as a goodbye leaving the new Queen broken. After months of absence, he finally returns only to find a much changed young woman. Was Ravenna right that love ultimately leads to destruction?
  • Comments: Interesting look at what could happen to the characters after the end of the movie. Rated T

What You Will of Me by daughterofelros
  • Recommended by bink1227, mumismatist
  • Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White
  • Synopsis: He's not going to attend her coronation. He plans to move on. Yet he's powerless to deny her.
  • Comments: Continuation of SWATH. There is an intense focus on the relationship between the huntsman and the new queen. Rated T

Good Love Is Hard to Find by inkydoo
  • Recommended by bink1227
  • Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White
  • Synopsis: A darker retelling of the story from the Huntsman's point of view. The Huntsman is forced to apprehend a fugitive, but he has no idea what kind of effect this will have on his life and the lives of all those in the kingdom. Who is this girl and why is she so important to The Black Queen?
  • Comments: Interesting retelling of the movie through the eyes of the Huntsman, with lots of changes, but a general adherence to the movie's plot. Rated T

Meddling by hobbitsdoitbetter
  • Recommended by bink1227
  • Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White
  • Synopsis: When the new queen comes to Erik, asking him to answer a question nobody else in the court will, he is intrigued. But he has no idea how far-reaching the consequences of his honesty will be - Or how it will change the way he views Snow White...
  • Comments: Interesting look at how the Queen and the Huntsman's relationship might develop after she takes the throne. Rated M

Fair by hobbitsdoitbetter
  • Recommended by bink1227
  • Pairings: The Huntsman/Snow White
  • Synopsis: Mirror, mirror on the wall... William has married Snow White but though he loves her he knows her heart belongs to someone else. As his marriage slides deeper and deeper into silence the young prince must come to terms with how fair- and unfair- true love can be... Sequel to "Meddling." Snow x Erik
  • Comments: A continuation of Meddling. Rated M