Awesome: Snow White & the Huntsman

  • Snow White's escape sequence, which starts with her ripping a nail out of the wall and slashing Finn when he tries to rape her, then has her baseball slide into a sewer to evade the guards, and ends with her jumping into the sea and swimming to safety.
  • The Huntsman flat out impaling Finn against a broken tree trunk after finding out that his wife was raped and murdered by Finn.
  • The one prisoner who grabs a knife from a nearby guard and stabs Ravenna. Too bad it didn't work. Still a damn good try.
  • "You can't have my heart." after Snow White uses the move the Huntsman taught her to stab Ravenna in the heart.
  • The Huntsman and William fighting in sync during the final battle.
  • Ravenna's utter indifference to Snow White's attempts at fighting her. Given how most evil sorceresses tend to handle combat, it was a pleasant surprise.
  • "Do you need a bowman?"