Heartwarming: Snow White and the Huntsman

  • The speech Huntsman gives Snow White while she's in a comatose state about his dead wife and what follows. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The part at the end where Snow White sees that Greta has been restored to her youth and beauty.
    • Pretty much any time Snow White interacted with Greta. When she first sees Greta thrown in jail, she talks to her, finds out her name, and generally tries to help her feel better. When Greta is thrown back into prison after the queen sucked out her youth, Snow White again calls out to try to make sure she's alright. And when Snow White is making her escape, the first thing she does after getting out of her cell is run to free Greta. On Greta's part, she urges Snow White to leave her and make it to freedom.
  • In hindsight it becomes quite a bit sadder, but Snow dancing with Gus around the fire. They're just playing around and she seems plainly happy for one of the only times in the film.
  • Snow White shedding tears for Ravenna as she dies.
  • Ravenna's backstory; what she told the king before killing him and Snow whilst she was being fitted into her wedding dress was true, as we see in a flashback. The way she talks to Iain implies that she did once have a heart and that it was broken by the man she gave it to, maybe more than once. She also sees her and her brother's younger selves in the people scrabbling for water in the castle courtyard, poor, pitiful and alone. No wonder she hated men so much.