Funny: Snow White & the Huntsman

  • The Huntsman is ripe with funny moments, even if he's not the nicest fellow. In the midst of the bar fight he's in, he misses his opponent and punches a horse in the ass. Which instantly gets him a pair of hooves in his gut.
    • After having a drunken bar fight and waking up in a tub of filthy water outside surrounded by the Queen's warriors, he immediately snarks at them.
    Huntsman: Can't you see I'm taking a bath?
    • And when he rips Snow White's dress so she can walk through the forest with less trouble, he has the nerve to snark at her fear of being touched by a guy she just met:
    Huntsman: Don't flatter yourself.
  • Most of the dwarves' dialogue is pretty damn funny. Especially when they are sent to open the gate via the sewers. They understandably complain.
    • Then one of them spots something he thinks is one of his first of the day.
  • A less intentional example, but Queen Ravenna's Large Ham tendencies are definitely quite hilarious to some people, especially in the scene where she chews out her brother for losing Snow White. One of the things that makes it so funny is that she literally has two volumes: a low voice that's barely over a whisper, and yelling with No Indoor Voice whatsoever. This makes the times she uses the latter all the more noticeable, and making her look more like a literal Drama Queen.