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Fanfic Recs: Kid Icarus
A Different Type of Angel Bow by Yin-Yang Yoh
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopsis: While Pit is testing out a new Angel Bow he got, it doesn't work out. The arrow was a defect, where it does something unusual to the person who got hit with it. The arrow goes missing, but who did it hit?

Flight Of The Angel by DrkVrtx
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Pit wakes one day to find that his wings have finally grown. He can fly at last, and Skyworld lifts its voice in jubilation on his behalf. But there is one who dwells in sadness. As Pit learns the freedom his wings grant him, the Goddess Palutena fears that she has lost her most precious angel.

KI: On the Wings of Light and Dark by brawlingwolf
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Mere weeks have passed since Pit's triumph over the Underworld Army, but things aren't as they should be. The angel quickly learns that the threat to their world has far from passed and must rise again to combat it. This time, however, he won't be alone. No pairings.

Kid Icarus the odd adventures by William Toryn Cadmer
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: The Kid Icarus cast live in a mansion, and my character, Will, that's me, lives with them.

Kid Icarus Modern Uprising by heroes1202
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Inspired by the "Kid Icarus anime" shorts, these are my versions of Kid Icarus shorts in "episodes", featuring the characters from Uprising. Some feature how the KI cast would survive in the modern world instead.

Kid Icarus Modern Uprising Season 2 by heroes1202
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Back by popular demand, this is "Season 2" of my Kid Icarus shorts. Experience new and hilarious adventures with everyone's favorite angel and his friends/enemies from "Kid Icarus: Uprising".

Folly of Gods by Blizzaga Saga
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: In which Pit trains, Pittoo sulks, and Palutena considers her guardian angel.

I Want To Stay With You by Shadsie
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: "You were so badly hurt… and your wings were so damaged… that I had to make a decision. It was a 'life or limb' decision. I was able to heal you to save your life, but your wings… I couldn't fully heal them. I'm so sorry, Pit." Palutena is forced to give young Pit a dreadful choice.

Wounds of Chaos by Shadsie
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Set in Uprising, spoilers for Chapter 18 and beyond. Wars leave wounds that are slow to heal. For three years Pit was, quite literally, not himself. After the end of the war, not all humans were cheering, nor were they forgetful. Just because the criminal was innocent does not mean that the damage was undone or forgiven.

Pit's Nightmare by Ability King KK
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Pit is sent to a temple to retrieve a sacred treasure before Medusa can get it. Unfortunately for him, he'll have to face horrors the likes he never wanted to encounter.

The Bad by Uninformed Otaku
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: After the Hades has been defeated and the Underworld attack has stopped things are going well for Pit. The world is returning to it's version of 'peace', that is, until our hero starts acting strange. He even begins to resist Pittoo and Lady Palutena's attempts to help him! (Rated T just in case. No official pairings.)

A Scent of Burning Feathers by Shadsie
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Game chapters 21-22 and what happened in between. A pair of goddesses try to keep a dying angel alive. An angel of darker character braves the Underworld itself to repay a sacrifice. In a world ruled by selfish desires, even altruism can be a selfish impulse. In the end, Dark Pit didn't like the thought of owing anyone, nor the stench of burning that scarred his mind.

Dear Palutena by Sorceress of Shadows
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: He waited for her, waited to save her. And while he waited, he wrote her a letter, a letter she wouldn't read...

Comfort by Sorceress of Shadows
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Palutena is worried. It falls to Dark Pit to console her. Takes place between chapters 21 and 22; a bit of Pittootena if you squint and turn your head.

If You were a Real Goddess by BuddyJack
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: Pit and Viridi get into a heated argument about humans and respect which causes Pit to say something he didn't mean to say and hurts the youthful deity's feelings. A two chapter story.

Why by Link's Little Brother
  • Recommended by Wolf Thunder
  • Synopis: 'You never loved me, right? I was just some boy with a sense of humor to you, correct? But, why did you fall for him instead of me? ' AU. One-sided Hades x Palutena. Hinted Pit x Palutena.

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