Funny / Kid Icarus

  • The Eggplant Wizard!
  • Pit, when he's turned into a walking eggplant.
  • The music that plays when a reaper spots Pit. It's so...bouncy.
    • At least until you hear the screeching in the Famicom and 3D Classics versions.
  • In the Japanese version of the original game, Palutena will turn Pit into a Specknose if the player takes too long to save her (the ending, mind you, takes into account the health and strength, subtracting the points whether you continue. In the Specknose ending's case, 60 or less points must be earned). What a douche...
  • Phyrron from Uprising. Just... Phyrron.
    Phyrron: What? I can't hear you over ALL THIS AWESOME!
    Phyrron: Phyyron senses danger. And now... Phyrron sees it.
  • Pit's Stealth Insult at Hades, essentially telling him in G-rated terms to "Go to hell"..
    Pit: "Go home, Hades. Just...go home."
  • From Chapter 21:
    Pit: "Hey, look! It's a hot spri-WARGABGARBGABRGA"