Fan Fic / Fang Vice Addiction

"Fang Vice Addiction" is a Negima epic by Traingham. The tale picks up some time before the Festival Arc in the manga and focuses on the resulting consequences of Negi being turned into a vampire by Evangeline McDowell. While the story seems to remain faithful to the events of the manga early on, the author throws in twists in later chapters that really manage to screw up the flow of things. It eventually culminates into its own sequel called "By Your Enrapture".

The writing in the early chapters manage to carry the story, but it isn't until the Mahora festival comes in that the writing actually begins to take on its own art. The narrative is pretty unique too.

There appear to be influences from "Vampire: The Masquerade" if you squint really hard.

It is now being rewritten with two chapters as of now named "Fang Vice Addiction Pureblood Edition".

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