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Famous Last Words: Comic Books

Famous last words in comics.

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  • Preacher
    • "TOO LATE! AAAAH! TO FUCKING LATE! I'VE FUCKING GOT YOU NOW —" (runs out of ammo followed by Boom, Headshot) "Ah— Ah— ...Shit." Herr Starr
  • V for Vendetta
    • "Ave atque vale." V. It means "Hail and Farewell" in latin.
  • Y: The Last Man
    • "Observe, sisters! The fall of man." Victoria, before getting an axe to the head.
    • "I saw this documentary once. On TV? It was about lions. They...they said that lions..." Sonia.
    • "What the hell are you doing on my property, kid? Go back to your dopey gun club before I-" P.J.
    • "Lay down your arms, goddammit! Lay down your arms or I-" Joy.
    • "Ah...and so..." Dr Mann's father.
    • "Like it's any more ridiculous than your name?" 355, just after telling Yorick her real name. The reader never finds out what it was, though it's possibly "Peace".


  • Bone
    • "I will now." Jonathan Oaks
    • "You can't teach me ANYTHING! I HAVE FOUGHT WITH THE DRAGONS!" Tarsil
    • "LUCIUS!" Briar Harvestar
    • "ROSE!" Lucius Down
  • Calvin and Hobbes
    • "Oops! I had an evil thought!" Calvin's good duplicate
  • Dracula Vs King Arthur
    • "Keep it away from me...." Amide
    • "There is nothing left...." Sir Percival
    • "As long as I breathe, I will fight you." Sir Gawain
    • "Arthur?" Queen Guinevere
    • "NOOOOOO!" Morgana Le Fey
    • "This- This will hardly stop me, Briton. Your weapon only delays the inevitable." Count Dracula
    • "Camelot is no more. The lady was right... you must return Excalibur to the lake. We must let it go...." King Arthur
  • Dragon Age comics:
    • The Silent Grove:
      • "You were lucky to be Luis's plaything- no one else would have lifted you out of that filth you called a home! If you thought that you were too good for him, you should have crawled back to the sewers on your wedding day— not bedded and betrayed him to become whore of the eastern shore!" Prince Claudio Valisti
      • "I... Aurelian Titus." Claudio Valisti's spirit
      • "That is our craft, but not our purpose. Mankind destroys without understanding, yet I preserve. What is your purpose?" Yavanna
    • Those Who Speak:
      • "Isabela. Thank you... I thought he was going to—" Lord Devon
    • Until We Sleep:
      • "Tevinter... our Golden City..." Magister Aurelian Titus
      • "If that's what you want... then I'll try." Maric Theirin
  • Empowered
    • "Hey. I think I thmell thomething burning." Homunculoid
    • "I love you, Theresa. I'll always love y—" Mindf██k
    • "Well. Clearly, Manny was right about her. Shouldn't have taken her quite so lightly..." Deathmonger (Maybe.)
  • Flight
    • "You dare attack my customers?!"Gladys Perna
    • "Why You...!"Sandy Balgan
  • The Goon
    • "Stupid broad! Shouldn't've got in the way." Labrazio
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
    • ".....Hello?" Nny, right before accidentally killing himself.
      • "It's such an easy thing to say you hate easy to hate...what a piece of shit I am...I ca...can't believe I went the easy way. I thought I knew something...anything.
        "Ehhh...actually...your head looks more like a reject jelly bean." Nny, having turned out to be not quite dead. The final remark causes Krik to finish the job.
    • "I have nothing to fear." Edgar Vargas. Nny envied his conviction, but he didn't reward it.
    • "Nooo! Dammit I was so CLOSE!!" Mr. Fuck, aka Eff, before The Moose got him.
    • "Yes! Yess!! My master!!! Reclaim me! Yessss!!!" Psycho-Doughboy, before The Moose got him.
    • "Aaiii!! Uh...uhhh...FUCK!!" Krik. Spotting a trend?
    • "Oh, this isn't good." Tess. The universe warps of existence, but she gets better when it returns.
    • "Why did you tell me your name!? I didn't want to know your name!!" The pedophile that Nny saves Squee from. Perv meets Pipe.
    • "I'm...just like you." Jimmy, aka Mmy, right before he became a stain on the basement floor. Also doubles as a Wham Line.
    • "Um...could someone give me some toilet paper!?!" The "Somebody Put Shit In My Pants" guy. Nny's response? "You should've checked before you went!!!" and a grenade in the stall.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • "No. Not the cavorite. I won't allow it! No. I...oh." James Moriarty
    • "What? What the fuck is he...?" Allan Quatermain
    • "You a very" Oliver Haddo
    • Look, I'm...I'm sorry, okay? I...I didn't know who you were. I-I didn't mean to..." The Antichrist
  • Life With Archie: The Married Life
    • "...I've always loved you..." Archibald "Archie" Andrews
  • Locke & Key
    • "Now, where'd I leave my hatchet?" Al Grubb
    • "Don't know what you're talking about, and wouldn't give you what you want even if I did. I'm getting up now. If you're going to shoot me, you better get to it. What happens next is up to you." Rendell Locke
    • "I tried... I tried so hard..." Sam Lesser, first death
    • "A hit! A very palpable- Ah!" Joe Ridgeway
    • "Elllluuhh! Elllaaaa! Help. Huuh..." Candice Whedon
    • "All right. Time to smile and say "boobies", you oul' bitch." Parsons
    • "Because I missed you. Because I love you. I'm sorry." Ellie Whedon
    • "What the fuck? Pencils? Where's the key to the Wellhouse? Where are all the other keys?" Sam Lesser, second death.
    • "It doesn't hurt. It doesn't. The blood is hot and good! Oh! Like the rains of Leng! Ia! Ia Shub-Niggarauth!" Harm Timmerman
    • "Bode, NNNOOOOO-" Jason Bird
    • "Oh, child..." Echo of Rendell's mother
    • "I know you can't hear me, Ellie, but I'm glad you're here. I don't want to die alone." Mark Cho
    • "Got you!" Kim Topher
    • "I think I've got ribs sticking into lungs and spleens and stuff. But it doesn't hurt. Nothing hurts. Really! I still feel pretty good! Lä! Lä! Shub-Niggarauth!" Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio, first death
    • "T-that's as far as I go, and you can't m-make me - make any of us - go any further!" Mandy Sawyer
    • "I guess it's never too late to start my new one-good-deed-a-day program, huh?" Jordan Gates
    • "NO! STOP! NO!" Echo of Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio
    • "Yes. Much better. You saved me. My hero." Jackie Veda
    • "All in a day's work." Scot Kavanaugh
    • "Maybe I'll find Ellie. That wouldn't be so bad... To have all of eternity to beg her to forgive me." Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio, second death
    • "You go finish the rest of your dream. I'll still be lookin' out for you. And I'll be around when it's over. Give my love to your mom for me." Echo of Rendell Locke
  • Mega Man
    • "Hey— Is that my power? I'm not gonna lie— Looks good on you, man. Good look to die in." Crash Man
    • "Why didn't Wily give me—hurk?!" Flash Man
  • Pocket God
  • Rising Stars
    • "Father... into thy hands I commit my soul." Joshua Kane
    • "I always wanted to fly..." Stephanie Maas
    • "...I'm sorry... I tried..." Pyre
    • "One more thing... forgive me... Jason Miller
    • "I love you, Chandra. I love you." Poet
  • Scott Pilgrim
    • "This is impossible, how can this be?!" Mathew Patel
    • "Okay... okay... aaaaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooooo aaanooaa!" Lucas Lee
    • "You got me Pilgrim... But you'll never defeat the twins." Roxy Richter
    • "(Impossible! Ramona) can change?" Ken Katayanagi
    • "Gideon may have underestimated this one, brother." Kyle Katayanagi
    • "I'll never join you!!!" Scott Pilgrim. He uses a 1-up to come back to life shortly after.
    • "Getting rid of me... won't save you. You're your own worst enemies! Both of you!" Gideon Graves
  • Sin City
    • "It'll hurt." The Yellow Bastard
      • Technically, his last words were "NO!" Considering how he was being castrated by Hartigan's bare hands while he said it, it is pretty understandable.
    • "An old man dies. A young woman lives. Fair trade. I love you, Nancy." Detective John Hartigan
    • "That all you got, ya pansies?" Marv
    • "McCarthy, you SHIT!" Manute
    • "I'm free. Free of Damien. Free of Manute. We can be happy. Together. Forever." Ava Lord.
    • "No! I was promised...!" Becky, in response to Manute's decision to have her killed. She doesn't die at their hands, though.
    • "What?" Lucille, in response to a death squad cop's confirmation to how they will have to kill Marv, and everyone he's spoken to, just before they blow her away.
  • Six-Gun Gorilla
    • "You. You think you can break me? You little £$%&! You think you can break me?! " General Vertid
    • "Wh. Wh. What're y— Get off m— AAAAAAAAAH!" Auchenbran
    • "You reckon we're done here, partner?" Blue-3425
    • "Reckon." The Gorilla
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • "Oh how I hate that hedgehog! I've lived to see one dream come true - the destruction of Knothole Village and everyone within it. All that matters now is the pleasure of eliminating you once and for all!" The original Dr. Robotnik, the man once known as Julian Kintobor
    • "I know." Nate Morgan, in response to Eggman's promise that he'll "pay".
    • "Hardly. In this Super form, I am invincible. I... wait... what?!" A.D.A.M.
    • "You gave me a second chance in life. It's time I repaid that debt." Tommy Turtle
    • "I smite thee!" Sir Connery.
    • "She would be... as proud of I am..." Armand D'Coolette
    • "I've crushed more Echidnas under my boot than I can remember! You'll be no different! Come on then, FACE ME!" Kage von Stryker, who is merely Killed Off for Real instead.
    • "The servers are the seven chaos... chaos is power, enriched by the heart... Release my boy! Give him his own life to lead! Locke
  • "The Walking Dead"
    • "Well I gotta pee. Does anyone need anything while I'm in here? More napkins? I think there's still more left." Amy
    • "You're probably not going to like it here, y'know. They're nice enough people, at first they're great...but they're so goddamn judgmental. One slip-up...and that's it really for you. I tried to kill myself. I did. It didn't work, obviously, but I tried. They won't let me forget it. Since then, I can see it in their eyes—they've lost all respect for me. All of them. Even my best friend. She tries to be nice but I can tell she's just patronizing me. She hasn't wanted to talk to me since I did it. She just feels like she has to. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. I don't really have to, so I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Carol. I think I'll just talk to you from now on. You listen, you don't seem to judge me. That's really important in a friendship, y'know. Not judging people. I really hope you like me. Oh, do like me." Carol
    • "Aggh! Fuck! Fuck you!" Alice
    • "We're sitting ducks! We've got a move! Run!" Patricia
    • "She—she—" Billy Greene
    • "Dear, God...Please. Just kill me." Hershel Greene
    • "Is that the plan? We just make a run for it? What's going on out there? Are we going to walk out into a wall of guns firing at us? We just hope we make it to the truck? That's it?" Lori Grimes
  • Viz once played with this trope in a one-off strip about Bob Hope on his deathbed. He was determined to say something witty and memorable, and grew increasingly frustrated with his visitors who kept causing him to say dull, banal things instead.

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