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A British author known for his hard sci-fi novels. He's most known for his far-future space opera series The Xeelee Sequence, but he also writes a fair amount of Alternate History and more near-future fiction. He has a website here. His works include:


  • The Xeelee Sequence series. Arguably his most well-known books. Set in the far future, where humans struggle for supremacy in the universe against the god-like Xeelee.
  • The NASA Trilogy, a loose trilogy of three thematically similar Alternate History novels that center on spaceflight and space exploration, particularly that of NASA origin. Features several modern-day and near future what-ifs.
    • Voyage - Alternate spaceflight developments between the 1960s and 1980s, culminating in a (not easily earned) manned mission to Mars in the mid 1980s.
    • Titan - A 20 Minutes into the Future book about an expedition to Titan.
    • Moonseed - A prolonged lunar exploration programme in the 70s accidentally brings a mysterious, nanoplague-like substance to Earth during a return mission. Stuff happens...
  • The Manifold series. Three what-if novels concerning the Fermi Paradox, with each presenting a different resolution to the paradox. Notable in that all three novels feature the same cast but are set in Alternate Continuities.
    • Manifold: Time posits that humanity is the only intelligent species in the universe.
    • Manifold: Space is the opposite, with the universe actually brimming with intelligent life, but the reason we've never seen it before is because it is periodically "sterilized" by natural cosmological events.
    • Manifold: Origin is set in a multiverse that is full of intelligent life, but each universe only contains one intelligent species.
    • Phase Space is a collection of short stories related to the series.
  • The Time Odyssey series, in collaboration with Arthur C. Clarke. Intended as an "orthoquel"note  to Clarke's famous 2001: A Space Odyssey series.
  • The Mammoth trilogy. It's about mammoths.
  • Time's Tapestries, an Alternate History series.
  • The Long Earth, a series co-written with Terry Pratchett about the sudden discovery of parallel Earths.
  • The Flood series, about an apocalyptic global flood. Currently has two novels, Flood and Ark, as well as several short stories.
  • The Proxima series, which covers the human colonization of Proxima.

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