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Creator: Sophie Aldred

"I think my Dalek got what it deserved, actually..."
Sophie Aldred, extemporizing on the subject of "My Dalek", at Gallifrey One 2008

Sophie Aldred (born 1962) is an English actress who played Action Girl Ace on Doctor Who. It was she who provided the inspiration for the Crowning Moment of Awesome page by beating a Dalek with a baseball bat in "Remembrance of the Daleks." Since the end of her tenure as a companion, she has remained a member of the Who community, editing fan magazines and providing voices for Big Finish audio plays. She has appeared on several TV shows, such as Blue Peter, EastEnders, Bob the Builder, Dennis the Menace (UK), Corners, and Its A Mystery, and is currently starring alongside fellow Who-alum David Tennant in Tree Fu Tom. She married fellow actor and TV presenter Vince Henderson in 1997, and they have two sons.
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