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Creator: Pam Grier
Badassery, thy name is Pamela Grier.
"Never fear. Pam Grier is here."
— Voiceover in Friday Foster trailer.

Born May 26, 1949, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Pam Grier is more than just a woman, she's an icon. Any time you see a woman kicking ass in movies, you can thank her.

Notable Films:

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Tropes associated with this actress:

  • Action Girl: Before Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor codified this trope in movies, Pam Grier pretty much defined it.
  • Badass: Pretty much all of her parts were as badass ActionGirls.
  • Blaxploitation: She and Tamara Dobson became the genre's leading actresses.
  • Ms. Fanservice:
    • Especially in her early films, she spent a lot of time wearing lingerie, Stripperific clothes or no clothes at all.
    • Her boobs were an important part of a whole generation of men's puberties.
  • One of Us: Grier is a self-described bookish nerd in real life. The Mars Attacks! role appealed to her because of the comics she grew up reading.
    • Or the sketch on MADtv where she plays a black superhero from the future who goes back to the 1950s to reassure a bunch of black heroes from that era that their contribution to black hero-ing is indeed important.
  • Rape as Backstory: She was gang raped as a child and again as a teenager, followed by an attempted rape as a young woman. She says it inspired her to play strong women and never be a victim.
  • Sassy Black Woman: A common characteristic of most of her parts.

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