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Creator: Lisa Shearin
Lisa Shearin is an American author of the Raine Benares series, about a sorceress and seeker of things lost and people missing, who gets mixed up with an Artifact of Doom. She is also the author of the SPI Files series, an urban fantasy series about Mackenna Fraser, a seer employed to locate paranormal creatures for an organization dedicated to protecting humans from the supernatural and upholding The Masquerade.

The Raine Benares series consists of

  • Magic Lost, Trouble Found
  • Armed & Magical
  • The Trouble With Demons
  • Bewitched and Betrayed
  • Con & Conjure
  • All Spell Breaks Loose

Tropes found in the Raine Benares series include

The SPI Files series consists of

  • The Grendel Affair

Tropes found in the SPI Files series include

  • Dragon Lady: Vivienne Sagadraco is referred to as this. Mainly because she really is a dragon.
  • Explosive Breeder: Grendels only reproduce once every fifty years or so, but when they do, they lay three batches of 20-30 eggs each. This is a major reason as to why they haven't been hunted into extinction by SPI Scandinavia (Despite their best efforts).
  • Groin Attack: Fraser's first piece of desk bling - an anatomically correct leprechaun doll with his pants around his ankles - refers to an incident where she cornered a group of naked drunken leprechauns in a McDonald's and tased their leader in the Happy Meal.
  • Superhero Trophy Shelf: Every SPI agent has a collection of 'desk bling', little knickknacks given to them by their coworkers that reference notably impressive or embarrassing things they have done.
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