Creator / Janice Kawaye

Behind Lauren Tom, Janice Kawaye is the second most prominent Asian-American voice actress. She started by voicing Gi in Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Keiko in Potsworth & Company (aka Midnight Patrol), then dropped off the face of the Earth for the next decade or so, before resurfacing to play Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman in My Life as a Teenage Robot. She'd go on to do several more roles, usually playing a sweet Genki Girl type role (such as Ami in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi). Played against type in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World when she voiced the sadistic villainess Alice, though taking over for Tara Strong as Presea was a bit closer to her usual roles. Crossed into anime dubbing territory with Yuzu Kurosaki in Bleach, which coincidentally features fellow Teenage Robot co-star Quinton Flynn.

Being Japanese-American, she's the inversion of Surprisingly Good English; she speaks Japanese very fluently. She contributed into teaching Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi co-star Grey DeLisle Japanese, alongside fellow co-star Keone Young, who plays Kaz in the show. This is also utilised in Young Justice, where her character speaks only Japanese.

Notable roles: