Couch Gag / Video Games

  • The splash text in Minecraft's title screen is randomly selected from among 360.
  • In Elite Beat Agents and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, the way the Agents/Ouendan enter are different sometimes. For example, the agents could drive in on motorcycles, and the Ouendan are in a hot spring. The scene also differs slightly based on difficulty, changing elements like what type of ladder the Agents descend on, or what type of book the Ouendan are reading.
  • Rise of the Triad has several Guilt-Based Gaming quit messages worded along the lines of "Press Y to release the cyanide gas", "Press Y to drive your car off the cliff" or "Press Y to signal firing squad". In the registered version, the game plays a sound effect to match the message when you do press Y.
  • In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Lakitu has a different item at random on the end of his fishing line just before the title sequence begins.
  • In LSD: Dream Emulator, the opening is randomly selected every time you turn it on.
  • The title sequences for Sam & Max Save the World (A.K.A. Sam & Max Season 1) end with the duo making some kind of gesture (high-five, "right back atcha", etc.) In the season finale, the sequence ends with Max pointing upward and the car flies to the moon. Then the following seasons use the couch gag from the comics (as mentioned on the Comic Books page).
  • The narration text that appears onscreen before the opening cutscene in Spelunky is randomly generated among three lines, with a separate list of possible sentence fragments for each line. One such example:
    With fate guiding my every move,
    I squeezed the whip at my side,
    and wondered how long I'd be below.
  • Persona 4: Arena acts like a TV show by having a sponsor message when you start the game, and the message is spoken by a different character every time.
  • On the main menu of Nightmare Realm: In The End..., glowing graffiti fills in what will happen "in the end", switching between different possible grim ("love must die"), hopeful {"light will be shed"), or ambiguous {"who will prevail?") outcomes.
  • In Brütal Legend, when the Double Fine logo comes up, one of the metal voice actors/singers (including Jack Black and Tim Curry) shouts/sings the name.
  • At the title screen of each Kaizo Mario World, Mario is trapped between two pillars of blocks with an inescapable Thwomp above him, each slightly different. The first game positions it so that you won't die unless you jump, the second game inverts this (you have to jump in the right spot to activate an invisible block that stops the Thwomp from hitting you), and the third game puts a pit below you (though, like the first game, the text box will pop up before you fall off the screen).
  • On the Wii U, the player's Mii does a different pose every time the console boots up.
  • The Animal Crossing games starting with Wild World centers the game's opening on a villager in the town. Of course, this isn't the case if the game doesn't have a save file yet.
    • The original Animal Crossing has either Rover or Blanca take a seat across the player while riding the train to another town.
  • In the opening of the original Super Smash Bros., Master Hand pulls out 2 random dolls of one of the starter characters.
    • In Brawl, due to the fact that the player can customize how common certain songs play on stages (and even the main menu), it can turn into this.
    • Speaking of Brawl, the initial shot of all the characters in the opening video changes depending on how many characters have been unlocked. Certain characters, such as Ness and Sonic, always appear, though.
  • Some Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hacks created by members of Sonic Retro tend to feature the Sonic Retro logo changing each time it is shown, with situations like Sonic running away from Amy, Dr. Eggman either stealing the Master Emerald or taking Sonic's place on the logo, and Knuckles coming up and yelling at Sonic to get off the Master Emerald.
  • In Pokémon Channel, Pikachu does a different animation every time the save file is loaded. This included him doing a ballet, standing on top of the cabinet, watching TV, and sleeping in the storage cabinet.
  • In Dawn of War there is a random "thought of the day" at the bottom of context menus.
  • In Terraria, when the game is in windowed mode one of a number of silly subtitles will be displayed next to the title, such as "Terraria: Shut Up and Dig Gaiden!", "Terraria: There Is No Cow Layer" and "Terraria: Terraria: Terraria:"
  • Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker has two different openings that are selected at random. There's also a sticky note next to the "Call for Stick" button on the title screen that always has a different message on it.
  • osu! plays a different song on the player's song list when the game starts up. (This is no longer the case in a recent update, in which a specific startup music is played by default instead. It is possible to disable this music in the options and return to the old behaviour in which a random song is played.)
  • Portal 2 has different Loading Screens that change when the game is launched. The main menu also has a different background depending on how far in the single-player campaign you are. The "deactivated GLaDOS" background is the default and is shown when you have not played the single-player campaign (co-op and custom maps).
  • You Don't Know Jack 2011 has different lines of dialogue during the Vanity Plates. The Stand By screen has different things "checked" before the game starts. Each episode also has a different quip from Cookie at the beginning.
  • The Annoying Orange mobile game, "Splatter Up", has different quips from Orange at the title screen every time the game is launched.
  • The intros to the Borderlands games list off the names and classes of the Vault Hunters until they reach the fourth Vault Hunter, who is introduced with some other description.
    • Borderlands 1: Roland as the Soldier, Lilith as the Siren, Mordecai as the Hunter and Brick as himself.
    • Borderlands 2: Axton as the Commando, Maya as the Siren, Salvador as the Gunzerker and Zer0 as a number.
    • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!: Athena as the Gladiator, Willhelm as the Enforcer, Nisha as the Lawbringer and Claptrap as a mistake.
  • Darwinia features multiple opening sequences, playing a different one each time the game is loaded. These include things like a faux-ZX Spectrum loading screen and one that passes the game off as a cracked Amiga game.
  • In Super Mario Maker, each day of the week has something different happen to Construction Mario during the start of the game.
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth shows a random symbol upon starting a run. Some of them are Mythology Gags referencing other Edmund McMillen games or the original Flash version, but some hint at the game's various secrets, particularly involving the Secret Character.