Comic Book / Omega Men

The Omega Men are a team of fictional extraterrestrial characters that appear in various cosmic comic books published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Green Lantern and were created by Marv Wolfman and Joe Stanton. They are often represented as a group of renegades hailing from various planets in the Vega system, fighting against the oppressive Citadel.

Their most recent series, titled The Omega Men, launched in 2015 as part of the DCYou initiative, which emphasized genre diversity and story over continuity. A Sneak Peek containing the series' prologue was made available digitally for free. The premise of the series sees White Lantern Kyle Rayner captured and apparently executed on public broadcast by a team of rebels calling themselves The Omega Men. The 2015 series is written by Tom King (also known for his work on Grayson) and illustrated by newcomer artist Barnaby Bagenda, and has been acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

The Omega Men contain examples of:

  • Ax-Crazy: Scrapps isn't entirely all there.
  • Bait the Dog: Primus does this to both the audience and Kyle, misleading them to believe that he would save thousands of civilians that were selected for execution on behalf of his crimes. He doesn't.
  • Bittersweet Ending: If not Downer Ending, The Citadel is finished but much of Vega system hasn't improved. Primus had become a governor who would gladly use violence to put down opposition. Kalista had murdered her rivals in secret, Tigorr was unable to maintain peace between the tribes, and Scrapps is on the run. In addition, there are other entities—including Earth—who wish to harvest Stellarium to prolong the planet's lifespan.
  • Crapsack World: The Vega System is a hellhole. Some of the worlds are corrupt, some are impoverished, one is in a Forever War, and then there's Voorl... The fact that the Green Lanterns can't enter (because of a deal the Guardians of the Universe struck with Larfleeze several billion years ago) doesn't help much.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In the first issue the Omega Men kill thirty-nine Citadel troopers. As is standard Citadel response, retribution is taken out on the population at a rate of a hundred to one. Thirty-nine hundred people are murdered in response to the death of a few nameless thugs.
  • Faux Affably Evil: The Viceroy certainly falls into category, as he casually negotiates for the deaths of thousands of innocent lives as if he was haggling for a bank loan. The Omega Men themselves are arguably this as well, with Broot probably being the most genuinely kind.
  • Full-Circle Revolution: Much of the team, especially Primus and Kalista, began to use less-benign methods after Citadel was overthrown. Primus had put down a peaceful protest that resulted in thousands of death, Tigorr's planet has thrown into warring states, and Kalista had put down dissidents secretly. Scrapps had been an exception due to being a fugitive after the conflict.
  • Honey Pot: Kalista does this to Kyle Rayner.
  • Mythology Gag: The Citadel strip-mines planets for Stellarium, a mineral that can supposedly stop planets from becoming geologically unstable and exploding. Way back in a Bronze Age Green Lantern story, Tomar-Re was dispatched by the Guardians to use it to stop Krypton from going up. In fact, what happened to Krypton is the very reason the Citadel are gathering this mineral, to sell to other civilisations that don't want to go the same way.
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: Broot is being good example. Is being typical of Broot's species.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: The first issue was exceedingly light on exposition, expecting to audiences to be able to follow the narrative based on the artwork and contextual dialogue. While this was alienating for some readers who expected a narration-heavy story (as par for many traditional superhero comics), a lot of fans were won over by the dense storytelling, and the writer's respect for the audience.
  • Warrior Princess: Kalista, of the Brahmin, who has been raised in swordfighting since she was six years old.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: A particularly dark example. The Omega Men are fighting against an evil oppressive regime, but they use very dirty tactics, manipulating those in the crossfire, and leaving thousands of innocents dead in their wake.

Oh lord,
For you shall return, return, return,
And we shall burn, burn, burn,
For we are the low, the cursed, the beggar,
And you are the end, the curtain, the omega...