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Comic Book: A Distant Soil
A Distant Soil is an epic comic book series by Colleen Doran. It is a combination of science fiction and fantasy, combining Arthurian elements with a space story about a highly advanced alien society, from a world called Ovanan. Ovanan is inhabited by immortal, androgynous, psychic beauties, and ruled by a corrupt council called the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy draws its power from a being called the Avatar, who is connected to what is called the Collective, and through it, every Ovanan mind. They control the Avatar, forcing him to kill or exile any children with power that could threaten the Hierarchy and the empire built and ruled by Ovanan.

One Ovanan man, Aeren, was exiled by the current Avatar, Seren, for being a Disruptor, which is the opposite of the Avatar in that while the Avatar manipulates the flow of energy through the world around them, a Disruptor disrupts the flow of energy. This power can be used to kill with a touch, short out machinery, or unlock any lock. Aeren was allowed to live, and escaped to Earth, where he married a human woman and had several children. Only two survived.

Liana and Jason, 15 and 17, have powers they don't understand and can't control. They are locked up in an institute for study. Liana has epilepsy, and her seizures appear to be linked to her powers. Together, they escape the institute, but are quickly separated. Liana is confronted by an Ovanan man who introduces himself as Rieken, and his companion, a mortal named D'mer, from a world conquered by Ovanan.Rieken explains that Liana has the powers of an Avatar, and as such is interfering with the current Avatar's ability to access and draw upon the power of the Collective. When Liana accidentally touched the Collective, the Hierarchy became aware of her existence, and sent a battleship, the Siovansin, to find and eliminate her. Rieken and D'mer are members of the Resistance, and want to overthrow the oppressive Hierarchy. They have come to Liana for help, and to protect her from the Hierarchy. She agrees to help, and Rieken and D'mer set off in search of more people to help them on their quest. Rieken is revealed to be the Avatar, Seren, who wishes to be free of the Hierarchy's control and remove them from power. He is keeping this a secret from his allies, believing they would not trust him if they knew.

Meanwhile, the Hierarchy has captured Jason, who is a Disruptor with a psychic link to his sister. He is tortured and nearly killed by Sere, a sadistic pedophile and a member of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy believes him to be dead, and he is rescued by the Resistance, who recruit him and convince him to help them kill the Avatar. They are unaware that their leader, Rieken, is really the Avatar.

Rieken, D'mer, Liana, and their allies are taken aboard the Siovansin, the humans passing as new members of Rieken's household. Beys, a member of the Resistance, seduces Jason during his initiation, and uses crystals containing information about the mission to control his mind and actions. The two groups rush towards confrontation, with Liana and Jason caught in the middle.

Since 2009 the comic has been published for free on line. All of the original pages have been posted and new material is now appearing. It can be read here.

This comic contains examples of:

  • The Ageless: The Ovanan do not age once they reach adulthood.
  • All Your Powers Combined: The whole point of the Avatar, who can channel the Collective and wield the combined psychic power of the entire Ovanan race.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted by the Hierarchy, who are all physically stunning and range from weak and manipulated to evil.
  • Bi the Way: Seren and Aeren, and the rest of the Ovanan, really, but it isn't as apparent as with these two, who are actually shown in relationships with both genders.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: NINIRI.
  • Costume Porn: The Ovanan take this Up to Eleven, or beyond in the case of nobles. The Hierarchy members have wardrobes that are almost beyond belief, and what they consider everyday casual wear would count as royal court dress in almost any other civilization. Except for Emeris, who is an exhibitionist, to the point where Niniri finally breaks down and demands that he start wearing proper clothing.
  • Creepy Twins: Jason describes Liana and his twin older siblings as this. They were intentionally drawn to look very similar and have a creepy looking face.
  • Crystal Spires and Togas: The Siovansin and its Ovanan noble passengers are this in spades.
  • Deadpan Snarker: D'mer, much to Seren's amusement.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: With the Ovanans.
  • Depraved Bisexual:
    • SERE. And possibly Emeris, but since the only person he's really shown interest in so far is D'Mer, he might just be a Depraved Homosexual.
    • Emeris has a Kimarian FEMALE hanging off his legs in one scene in Coda. He then proceeds to make a variety of comments about "doing it with mortals", including that all the females brought in from Kimar are sterile.
  • Dirty Mind-Reading: Poor Liana is mindlinked to both Seren and Jason. She sings "Mary Had A Little Lamb" to block out the thoughts she doesn't want to hear.
  • Everyone Is Bi: The Ovanan don't seem to care one way or the other about the gender of their lovers. This actually comes across as part of Humans Through Alien Eyes. (elaborated below)
  • Executive Meddling: The comic was originally published by ElfQuest's Richard Pini. Doran severed the contract after nine issues, citing Pini's interference in the plot, dialogue and choice of cover artist, not to mention allegedly trying to grab all the rights. Apart from one short story, none of the original version has ever been reprinted and probably never will (making it a case of Keep Circulating the Tapes).
  • Fair Folk: Dunstan, see below.
  • Geas: Dunstan mentions that he's under a Geas, he cannot reveal he's one of the Fair Folk while on mortal soil.
  • Humans Through Alien Eyes: A different example, where Rieken (undercover as a botanist) is amazed at a beautiful flower that grows on Earth. Liana meanwhile is surprised at this because it's a dandelion.
    • Likewise, Liana gets angry at Rieken for a rather intense night with Bast, and Rieken finds it weird that humans choose just one partner in their lifetimes.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Liana and Seren are about seventy years apart.
  • La Résistance
  • Longhaired Pretty Boy: Pretty much all the male Ovanan.
  • Mayfly-December Romance: Seren and D'mer, Aeren and his human wife.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In-universe — Liana mentions destroying something and Jason wouldn't tell her what it was. These were unfertilized egg cells, implied to have been from Liana.
  • Papa Wolf: Sgt. Minetti. You probably also wouldn't want to threaten Seren or Liana with Kovar around.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Seren, Liana, and Jason, as well as every other Avatar and Disruptor that existed before them.
  • Psychic Powers: The Ovanan have a wide range of these. Some other races have them as well.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Could possibly have been a Trope Namer given its prevalence!
  • Significant Haircut: Kovar has two: from trailing on the floor to knee-length when he steps down as a Prince of his house to serve the Avatar, and then to just past his shoulders so he can pass as a commoner during the rebellion.
  • Sugary Malice: Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Niniri calmly looks the other way while Sere sexually abuses children, including Seren—who sees her as a mother figure. And that's not even getting into all the other psychological manipulation and abuse she subjects him to.
  • Super Breeding Program: Inverted. The Hierarchy deliberately rigs the conception of Ovanan children so as to prevent anyone from winning the Superpower Lottery and proving to be powerful enough to threaten the ruling power structure.
  • Supernatural Elite: The Hierarchy and the rulers of the Houses, who have greater psychic powers than lower-ranked Ovanan. Perhaps the most dramatic demonstration was the eminently ladylike Sere casually mowing down Seren's household guards, despite their possession of guns as well as psychic powers. She was only stopped by Kovar, who as the Prince of House Teramis was sufficiently powerful to withstand her psionic attacks long enough to hold a sword to her throat.
  • Team Dad: Whether he's babysitting Liana, tucking Seren into bed, or getting Brent to behave with the promise of a cool bike, Kovar is the most paternal guy around.
  • Traumatic Haircut: Seren, after the plan to assassinate the Hierarchy fails and Liana becomes the new Avatar (it's also a Significant Haircut for his loss of status). It's made even worse by the fact that Niniri uses his hair to make extensions for Liana so she'll be properly regal-looking.
  • Uterine Replicator: Ovanan children are conceived via combination of computer-selected sperm and egg, then gestated in these.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Dramatic public suicide by jumping from high places is traditional among the Ovanan. Aeren expresses disdain towards another Ovanan who complains that life is boring, but he was comparatively young and there is no telling what their age difference was.
  • Would Hurt a Child: There is actually a holiday for this on Ovanan. In order to weed out children whose psychic potential is too great ("variants"), all children are ceremonially tested by the Avatar, who kills any with potential that could allow them to threaten the Hierarchy. The kids have to stand in line and literally wait for their turn to find out whether they will live or die.

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