Characters / The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

     The original set 

The Captain

The Captain is elected by the players before the first night. His opinion counts twice in all subsequent votes. In case of equality, the Captain takes the final decision. If the Captain himself is killed, he chooses his successor. There can be no more than one captain at a time. This card is also the only one thatís not hidden from other players.
  • All Elections Are Serious Business: The GM must encourage players to improvise political speeches and debates before they choose a captain.
  • King on His Deathbed: A brief version of this probably happens when choosing a successor.
  • Mole in Charge: You better not elect a werewolf. And if it turns out you did, how are you supposed to trust his hand-picked successor?
    • Of course, most werewolves would not be dumb enough to actually choose another werewolf, because that`s what the players would expect and therefore kill the new captain immediately. Or is that what they want you to think?

The Simple Villager

This is the default card. A ďsimpleĒ or ďinnocentĒ villager sleeps through the whole night. His only means of distinguishing his friends from his foes is to make deductions from previous votes and suspicious behavior. The game is sold with 13 cards of this type.
  • Boring, but Practical: Using too many different roles at once is usually a bad idea.
  • I Am Legion: The villagersí main strength is in number. Interestingly, the card doesnít represent an individual, but a group.
  • Red Shirt Army: Compared to other roles, the innocent villager is often seen as an acceptable loss.
  • 13 Is Unlucky

The Werewolf

Our main villain. The werewolves recognize each other during the first night. They devour a villager every night, and vote every day (while pretending to be villagers). While a werewolf canít eat another werewolf, he can accuse and/or vote against one to confuse the villagers. When choosing their victim of the night, the werewolves must be unanimous, while other votes only require a majority. The game is sold with 4 cards of this type.

The Fortune Teller

Every night, she wakes up before the werewolves and silently asks the GM to show her another playerís card. She then goes back to sleep. The game is sold with a single card of this type.
  • Cassandra Truth: While her knowledge is extremely valuable to the villagers, she must avoid making herself a target for the werewolves. Besides, anybody could pretend to be her, including a werewolf.

The Little Girl

Every night, she wakes up at the same time as the werewolves. Her goal is to see without being seen, usually by keeping her eyes half-open. When the werewolves go back to sleep, so does she. The game is sold with a single card of this type.
  • The Insomniac: The werewolves are supposedly using a spell to put the villagers to sleep.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: The Little Girl canít fully open her eyes and pretend to be a werewolf.

The Witch

Every night, she wakes up after the werewolves. She has two potions, one to heal and one to kill, but she can use each only once in the whole game. If the Witch still has her healing potion, the GM shows her who was just attacked by the werewolves. She can use her potions on any player, including herself. The game is sold with a single card of this type.

The Thief

During the first night, before anything else happens, the GM shows two undistributed cards to the Thief. If both cards are werewolves, the Thief must exchange his card and become a werewolf. Otherwise, the Thief can choose to exchange his card with one of those shown to him, or stay a thief (equal to a simple villager). For any of this to make sense, the GM must spend the rest of the game acting as if all roles had been attributed. The Thief (or former Thief) is the only player who knows when the GM is in fact talking alone. The game is sold with a single card of this type.

The Cupid / The Lovers

During the first night, the Cupid chooses two players and then goes back to sleep. The GM wakes up the two players, who become secret lovers. If one lover dies, so does the other. If both lovers are villagers, they win normally with the other villagers. If both lovers are werewolves, they win normally with the other werewolves. If the Lovers are a villager and a werewolf, they form a third team and have to outlive everybody else to win. The Cupid wins with the villagers (unless he chose himself and a werewolf). The game is sold with a single card of this type.

The Hunter

When the Hunter is killed, he shoots another player. The game is sold with a single card of this type.

     New Moon 

The extension is sold with a single card of each type (actually a sticker to apply on a Simple Villager card).

The Pied Piper

Every night, the Pied Piper chooses two players and then goes back to sleep. The GM wakes up all the players chosen by the Pied Piper so that they can recognize each other as being under the Pied Piperís charm. When all other players are either dead or charmed, the Pied Piper alone wins.

The Village Idiot

This one avoids public execution at the last moment, by proving to be so stupid that it earns him or her the village's pity. But once a player is known as the Village Idiot, he or she can no longer participate during debates and votes.

The Ancient

Old-timers are hard to kill. Werewolves need two tries to devour this one. But should the Ancient be executed, all the villagers would lose the special powers they had.

The Savior

Can protect one player from a possible werewolf attack each night, including oneself, but can not protect the same player two nights in a row.

The Scapegoat

If the villagers can not decide who they should execute, here is who gets sentenced by default. However, the dying Scapegoat gets to choose who will be able to vote or not during the next day.
  • The Scapegoat: Duh! If no genuine suspect exists, everyone turns on them.

     The Village 

The White Werewolf

He plays mostly like a regular werewolf. However, every two nights, the White Werewolf wakes up a second time for a lone hunt, during which he can choose to devour a werewolf. The White Werewolf wins when every other player is dead. The game is sold with a single card of this type.

The Raven

A player chosen by the Raven during the night begins the day with two votes against him already. The game is sold with a single card of this type.

The Pyromaniac

Can destroy a single building during the game (which uses buildings as well as roles). The game is sold with a single card of this type.