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Characters: The Princess 99
A character sheet for the science fantasy weird online fiction, The Princess 99.

The Students

Axelle Wylde Ozi (Axel)

A First-Year student and our main heroine, from Terredazo.

Marie Celeste (Maree-Celee)

A First-Year Moimette. Familiar: Sanguine


A First-Year Moimette. Best friend of Marie. Familiar: Radish

Florian Sentjohn Osahelio (Flow)

A First-Year boy, from the House Osahelio. Familiar: Stag


A First-Year boy, from a non-magical (Non) family. Familiar: Lightning

Ambrose De'Chiasson

A First-Year boy from the House of De'Chiasson. Familiar: Ember
  • Papa Wolf: Inverted, in that it's Marius, his uncle, who cares for him more.

Brigitte Essonifer (Brig)

A First-Year girl from the House of Essonifer. Familiar: Feed

Paillard Essonifer (Pai)

A First-Year boy from the House of Essonifer; Brig's brother. Familiar: Mustardseed


A Third-Year girl, who is from the House of Essonifer. Its not established if she's directly related to Brig and Pai or not.

The Demons


Axel's demon companion.

Uni & Dual

Pai and Brig's twin demon companions.

The Teachers

Professeur Simard Wilde

Probably one of the nicest teachers at Edgewood Academy. Familiar: Webbie

Professeur Marius atte Auvec

Probably one of the scariest teachers at Edgewood Academy. Familiar: Menagerie

Professeur Colette

The most quiet of the teachers at Edgewood Academy. Familiar: Precious Beauty

Professeur Sweet

Professeur Nev

The largest of the teachers at Edgewood Academy. Familiar: Treehorne

Docteur Haypenny

The headmaster of Edgewood Academy. Familiar: Crimson
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