Characters: The Philadelphia Story

Tracy Samantha Lord

C. K. Dexter Haven

"I thought all writers drank to excess and beat their wives. You know at one time I think I secretly wanted to be a writer."

Macaulay ("Mike") Connor

Tracy: "Snob."
Mike: "Say, what do you mean, 'snob'?"
Tracy: "You're the worst kind there is, an intellectual snob. You made up your mind awfully young, it seems to me."
Mike: "Well thirty's about time to make up your mind. And I'm nothing of the sort, not Mr. Connor."

Elizabeth ("Liz") Imbrie

"I can't afford to hate anyone; I'm only a photographer."

George Kittredge

"George. Splendid chap, George. Very high morals. Very broad shoulders."

Diana (Dinah) Lord

"I can tell there is something in the air because I'm being taken away."