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Characters: Super Mario Bros: Wario and Company
aka: Wario Ware
A list of characters associated with Wario, mostly from the Wario Land and WarioWare series. See also Mario's and Donkey Kong's casts, who both share a loosely defined universe with Wario and company.

Unmarked spoilers ahead.
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     Wario & Waluigi 

The Mario Brothers's evil counterparts. A pair of angry, greedy jerks who often try to ruin the day simply out of jealousy and spite. Wario is the greedy, lazy and boisterous counterpart of Mario. Waluigi is the scowling, bitter and strange counterpart to Luigi.

Tropes that apply to both:

  • Ambiguously Human: They are humanoid in appearance, and they are said to be humans. But the elf ears, gangly eyes, pink noses and extremely deformed proportions make them look extremely bizarre. Plus their even weirder anatomies and powers.
  • Anti-Role Model
  • Art Evolution
    • Wario started out far crazier looking, had long sleeves and would constantly drool in the commercials.
    • Waluigi started out with a far bigger smile on his face, his eyes were ganglier, he would be constantly hunched and would perform scarier, more psychotic sounds.
  • Badass Mustache
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: These two are very skilled characters when it comes to mechanics and designing plans. It's a shame they usually resort to simple vandalism.
  • Butt Monkey: Both are extremely prone to slapstick whenever they team up on the spin-offs.
  • Brains and Brawn: As expected, when they team together, Wario is the brawn, while Waluigi is the brains. Both are still extremely prone to stupid decisions.
  • Characterization Marches On: They both started out as simple bad guys. Wario was established as more greedy than evil, and Waluigi was given traits of self-pity and vengeful anger.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": Wario has the "W" on his hat and his gloves. Waluigi, however, wears a vertically-flipped L (Γ) on his hat and gloves. It could also be the greek letter "Gamma".
  • Catch Phrase:
    • Wario:
      • "Have a rotten day!"
      • "Hurry up!". This one comes from Wario Land
    • Waluigi: "Waluigi Time!"
  • Evil Counterpart: They are the example on the page image.
  • Evil Twin: They certainly give off that vibe
  • The Determinator: Both of them are extremely dedicated towards their goals. Wario does whatever it takes to gain gold, and Waluigi goes to great lengths to beat his rival and cause mischief (which tends to backfire hilariously)
  • Elemental Powers: Waluigi moreso
  • Gag Nose
  • Gonk: Part of their charm.
  • Greed: Even though Wario is a poster child for this, they both are extremely greedy, though Waluigi is less on the money sense, and more on the competitive sense. They will even steal from each other!
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: They often get in trouble because of it.
  • Harmless Villain
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: They can't seem to decide if these two are brothers or not
  • Hostile Show Takeover: In earlier appearances.
  • Iron Butt Monkey: They have lived through things that even the Mario Bros haven't. Examples include Bob-Ombs and a Bonanza-Bill.
  • Jerkass: It's obvious, really.
  • Large Ham: Always over the top, with exaggerated actions and lines.
  • Laughably Evil: Their antics are the focus of the Camelot Mario sports games.
  • Mad Bomber: They are usually associated with bombs and explosives.
  • Meaningful Name: Portmanteus of the words "warui" and their rivals names. More details below for the respective characters
  • Narcissists: Both.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Wario wears purple pants, and Waluigi's outfit is mostly purple
  • Super Strength: They are polar opposites. Wario has great strength in his arms and punches, but his stubby legs are pretty weak on their own. Waluigi's arms are scrawny and he is usually pretty weak, but his long, lanky legs can deliver nasty kicks.
  • Third-Person Person: Though Waluigi makes the most use of this, Wario is prone to do so sometimes.
  • Token Human: They are one of the few existing humans in the Mario games. And they don't even look that human.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Wario loves garlic, and Waluigi loves eggplants



I'm-a Wario! I'm-a gonna win! note 
"Obey Wario, DESTROY MARIO!"
Debut: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

A fat, ill-tempered, greedy treasure hunter and microgame maker who is often described as Mario's rival. Debuted in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins as the Big Bad, but branched off with WarioWare and his own platformers; his nemesis is Captain Syrup (see below). He sticks around for the spin-offs, though.

Tropes associated with Wario:



Waluigi debuted in Mario Tennis as Wario's partner (we don't know for sure if they're brothers) and Luigi's rival. He has so far only appeared in Mario spin-off games, and his only appearance in a Wario game was in several minigames in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Despite this, in the Smash games, he's filed under the Wario universe, not the Mario one. His odd confrontational and slightly crazed manner have seemed disturbing to some, and inspired this comic.

You can also see Waluigi's own page for more information.

Tropes associated with Waluigi:

    Characters from Wario Land 

Captain Syrup

Leader of the Black Sugar Gang, Captain Syrup is the main rival of Wario in the first two Wario Lands, in the first game possessing a base on Kitchen Island which is raided by Wario, and in the second game takes revenge by seizing Wario's new castle. She returned in Shake It! as an ally to free the Shake Dimension, with the same ulterior motive as Wario: money.

Tropes assoicated with Syrup:

Rudy the Clown

"Ahh... Ah-hah-HAH! Finally I am myself again ! Now I can rule this world and the outer one as well !! I need you no longer, Wario! I shall crush you like a bug!"
Debut: Wario Land 3

An evil clown/demon thing sealed away in the music box world, he returned in Dr. Mario 64 for some reason not quite explained.

Tropes associated with Rudy:

Mad Scienstein

Debut: Wario Land 3

Tropes associated with Mad Scienstein:

Black Cat/Princess Shokora

Debut: Wario Land 4

A major character in Wario Land 4, this female cat persuaded Wario to enter the Golden Pyramid and defeat the evil Golden Diva. It turns out that she's actually Princess Shokora, who had been trapped in the form of a black cat by the Golden Diva after she lost her kingdom to her in a magic duel. She turns back to normal in the end and is carried to heaven by four angels. Her true form depends on how many treasures Wario has collected.

Tropes associated with the Black Cat:

Shake King

Debut: Wario Land Shake It

An evil pirate from the latest title, he acts as the Big Bad in Wario's Wii adventure. In all practicality, he's basically what Wario would be like if he went straight past being an Anti-Hero and went into full out Take Over the World style villainy.

Tropes associated with him:

    Characters from Wario: Master of Disguise 
These characters are all from the Show Within a Show The Silver Zephyr.

Count Cannoli

Wario's rival thief. He was originally the infamous Phantom Thief known as the Silver Zephyr, but Wario stole his magic wand from him and used it to do some master thievery of his own. Cannoli has two goals: 1) get his wand back, and 2) obtain the five Wishstone pieces before Wario does.

Tropes associated with Count Cannoli:


The CEO of Sigil Securities and Wario's other rival thief. He manages to plunder the Smithsnorian Museum before Wario does. When Wario first confronts him in Sneezemore Cave, he dismisses Wario as a pathetic loser and shuts 4 stone doors to block the path to him. However, when Wario eventually gets past the stone doors and defeats Carpaccio in battle, he realizes that Wario is a much greater threat than he originally thought. Like Wario and Cannoli, he also wants the Wishstone pieces.

Tropes associated with Carpaccio:


A mysterious woman that Wario first meets at Sweatmore Peak. She helps him out at Blowhole Castle.

Tropes associated with Tiaramisu:

  • Mythology Gag: She bears a strong resemblance to Princess Peach, particularly in her later appearances in which she wears a pink dress instead of her usual red one.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Long ago, her powers were sealed by the Wishstone.

    WarioWare, Inc. Employees 

Jimmy T.

"Yo-yo! Everyone got the fever? I've always got it! That's because the dance floor's hot!"

Full name Jimmy Thang. Jimmy is one of Wario's oldest employees at WarioWare, Inc. He's a cool cat with a passion for disco dancing and a massive afro, just like the rest of his family.

Tropes associated with Jimmy (and his family):


An energetic high school student from Diamond City, Mona works a variety of part-time jobs around town, including for WarioWare, Inc. She's also a cheerleader and the bassist in an amateur rock band, and owns a cool red scooter.

Tropes associated with Mona:

Dribble and Spitz

Dribble's the dog, Spitz is the cat.

A bulldog and cat, respectively, who work as cab drivers in Diamond City when not designing microgames for Wario. Dribble is a hot-heated speed freak, but Spitz's cool head keeps him out of trouble. They have a souped-up taxi cab that can even fly in outer space.

Tropes associated with Dribble and Spitz:


"Hey! My name is 9-Volt! I'm the grade-schooler gone old school!"

9-Volt is a little boy with a major love of all things Nintendo. He works at WarioWare, Inc. (Diamond City apparently having very lax child labor laws) designing microgames inspired by classic Nintendo products. When not fanning over Nintendo, he enjoys skateboarding.

Tropes associated with 9-Volt:


9-Volt's best friend and fellow hardcore gamer, 18-Volt is a comically huge elementary school student who looks like a grown adult. He's never seen without his green jumpsuit and 3D glasses.

Tropes associated with 18-Volt:

Dr. Crygor

A Mad Scientist, Dr. Crygor busies himself with bizarre but mostly benign experiments on his private island base outside Diamond City. He's replaced most of his body with cybernetic prostheses for some reason and dresses like a superhero. Dr. Crygor is assisted in his lab by his energetic robot, Mike, and his cute granddaughter, Penny.

He's notable for going through two character design changes in-universe. Once, by being fused with an apple, and another by being powered up by his Kelorometer.

Tropes associated with Dr. Crygor:


After trying and failing to take over the world, Orbulon settled down in Diamond City, befriended Wario, and joined his minigame company. Orbulon travels through space in a pig-shaped starship called the Oinker, which he's not very good at driving, accompanied by his Alien Bunny minions. He has shapeshifting powers that he sometimes uses to pass as a human.

Tropes associated with Orbulon:

Kat and Ana

Kat is pink, Ana is orange.

A pair of twin ninjas-in-training who attend Diamond City Kindergarten, Kat and Ana are Wario's youngest employees. Kat, the older, can be bossy and overbearing, but she still loves her gentle younger sister. Both are very polite and love nature.

Tropes associated with the twins:


My name is Mike and I love to Karaoke!

A high-spirited cleaning robot built by Dr. Crygor using parts from a karaoke machine. Mike loves one thing and one thing only: music. He often rebels against his programming to have fun with karaoke.

Tropes associated with Mike:


Who's the girl next door, living in the haunted mansion?
"You better learn my name 'cause I am Ash~ley!"
Pantalones giganticus! Oh no, not again...

A teenage witch from Diamond City and one of Wario's employees. When not creating new microgames, Ashley spends her time brewing potions with her imp-like familiar, Red.

Tropes associated with Ashley:

Penny Crygor

Dr. Crygor's cute-as-a-button granddaughter, Penny loves her grandfather and wants to be a great scientist just like him. She's just as skilled—and eccentric—an inventor as her grandfather.

Tropes associated with Penny:

Young Cricket and Master Mantis

Two travelers from faraway lands, Master Mantis and his protege, Young Cricket, roam the world in search of cool new martial arts poses to perform.

Tropes associated with Cricket and Mantis:

    Other WarioWare Characters 


9-Volt's mother, who discourages her son (and 18-Volt) from playing too much video games and focus on school.

Manager Joe

A dog businessman (Businessdog?) who runs various industries in Diamond City. He appeared in the first game in the series, and has remained a minor reocurring character throughout. He also happens to be Mona's employer, which may explain why she's constantly changing jobs.

  • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?: He's seen in a different profession in every game, just like Mona. However, since he's the one running the businesses, it may be why Mona herself keeps changing jobs too.

The (rest of the) Thang Family

Debut: WarioWare Twisted (Papa and Mama T.), WarioWare Touched! (Jamie and James T.)

Jimmy's family, who are just as fond of disco as he is. It consists of Jimmy's parents, Papa T. and Mama T., and his younger siblings Jamie and James T..

Donkey KongCharacters/Super Mario Bros.    

alternative title(s): Wario Ware; Wario Land; Wario Master Of Disguise
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