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Characters: Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie
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    Space Sheriffs/Galactic Police 

Geki Jumonji/Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G | Live Actor: Yuma Ishigaki / Suit Actor: Kosuke Asai

Retsu Ichijouji/Space Sheriff Gavan (Original) | Live Actor: Kenji Ohba / Suit Actor: Yugo Fujii

  • Badass Grandpa: He's pushing sixty, but he still has it. Hell, despite his age, he's still a better fighter than Geki!
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Retired Badass: At the start of the series, but then he was recalled as a Special Duty Space Sheriff by the Director.

Shelly | Live Actress: Suzuka Morita

Commander Qom | Live Actor: Toshiaki Nishizawa

Eleena | Live Actress: Honoka

Kai Hyuga/Space Sheriff Sharivan | Live Actor: Riki Miura

  • Big Damn Heroes: Together with Karasuma near the end of the movie, fighting Zan Vardo and Witch Kill so that Gavan can face off with Brighton.
  • Legacy Character: The current Sharivan, inheriting the title from Den Iga.

Shu Karasuma/Space Sheriff Shaider | Live Actor: Hiroaki Iwanaga


Brighton (aka Touya Okuma) | Live Actor: Takuya Nagaoka

Witch Kill | Live Actress: Sanae Hitomi

Lizard Doubler | Voice Actor: Tomokazu Seki

Zan Vardo | Voice Actor: Dai Matsumoto

Don Horror | Voice Actor: Shozo Iizuka

    Other Characters 

Itsuki Kawai | Live Actress: Yukari Taki

Section Chief Iwamoto of SARD | Live Actor: Ijily Okada

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