YMMV / Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie

  • Awesome Music
  • Funny Moments: Geki and Retsu giving a "hello" to a girl in Makuu Space.
  • Tear Jerker Geki and Itsuki cries because of the death of Toya.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?
  • Woolseyism: Over Time's translation of the Sheriffs's transformation phrases. Here's what one of their translators had to say:
    蒸着 is literally "deposition", as in thin-film deposition. We went with "Electroplate" since electroplating is a type of thin-film deposition, and sounds awesome enough to work as a transformation phrase. Same thing with Shaider's. 焼結 is literally "sinter", another metallurgical process. "Sinter" is a terrible transformation phrase, but "spark plasma sintering" is a thing, and "Plasma Spark" sounds awesome.
    • TV-Nihon, on the other hand, kept the transformation phrases in both Japanese and English in the literal sense.