Awesome / Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie

  • Midway through the movie, Brighton has curbstomped Geki, kidnapped Itsuki, and has left Witch Kill, Lizard Doubler and Zan Wardo to finish off Geki. They summon six mooks, who completely dominate the fight and kick his ass. Geki is no the floor, in no shape to fight, as the Makuu Mafia advance on him... and then a blue Suzuki Jimmy bursts through the warehouse doors, swerves around to block the Makuu Mafia from Geki, and the driver jumps out. And then we get a good look at him and realise that holy shit it's Retsu Ichijouji, the original Gavan!
    • Gavan then proceeds to solo the Makuu Mafia, outnumbered nine to one. Untransformed. With his bare hands. And he is winning. He only stops fighting long enough to stuff Geki into the passenger seat, slide across the hood, and drive away.
    • The best part? Kenji Ohba, the guy who played Gavan in the original series, performed the entire sequence. For real. No stuntmen. The man is pushing sixty and he is still a badass!