Characters / Big Brother AU 2012

Housemates for the 2012 (or 9th) season of Big Brother Australia.


Angela Murray is a 21 year old sales representative from the Gold Coast. Angie shares a loft with three men, and is often referred to as "Mangie" for her tomboy-ish-behavior. She was the third Housemate to enter on Launch Night. Got evicted on day 70.

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Secret: Weightlifter.

  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: She has been rather prone to this, falling asleep holding hands with Estelle, and openly exchanging "I love you"s with Layla after they had to take a challenge together in the middle of the night.
    • It has slowly fallen apart with both Estelle and Layla causing more tension.


Ava Mishy David is the house's first intruder who entered on Day 29. She is 29 years old and is from Victoria. She had a bit of a relationship with Josh for most of her time in the house. She was evicted on Day 51.

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Benjamin (WINNER)

Benjamin Norris is a 32 year old accounts manager from Victoria. He was the fourteenth housemate to enter the house in the early hours of Day 3. He is openly gay, and stated that he has a boyfriend (who's also named Ben) after entering the house.

He was the winner of the season, winning $250,000 (AU) dollars and a brand new Holden Barina. Upon winning, he proposed to his boyfriend Ben live on the show and he said yes.

Secret: Benjamin has been fired from every job he has ever had.


Bradley Darke is a 19 year old from Coraki, New South Wales. He works in his parents's supermarket (with his room adjacent to the store), and admits to collecting superhero T-Shirts and never having a girlfriend. He has a stutter. He was one of three men to enter the House on Launch Night, and the tenth Housemate to enter in total. Was evicted on day 56.

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Secret: Bradley suffers from Ornithophobia as the result of an emu attack.

  • Adorkable
  • Elimination Houdini: Has survived elimination several times, largely due to a fandom who love him and his nerdyness.
  • Verbal Tic: Has a stutter but manages to control it most of the time.


Charne Louise works on stage at Dracula's dinner theater. She is from the Gold Coast. Charne goes by the nicknames "Char" and "VaVa", and was once the winner of Ms. Pin-Up Australia. She was the seventh Housemate to enter on Launch Night. She was nominated for eviction on Day 8, receiving the most nomination points from her fellow Housemates.She was later evicted on Day 14.

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Secret: Has OCD.


Estelle Landy is a 24 year old law student from Victoria. She enjoys skateboarding, and dislikes anyone who is cruel to animals, racist, or homophobic. She was the eighth Housemate to enter on Launch Night. She was the evicted placing third and was awarded $5,000 (AU) dollars from KFC.

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Secret: Estelle is a high school drop-out.

  • Elimination Houdini: Has faced eviction over four times and counting and has managed to survive.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: Had one with Angie for some time before their friendship fell apart. Since then she's had this with Ava (until she left).


George Baramily is a 25 year old mining electrician from Western Australia. He was the eleventh Housemate to enter, going into the house on Day 2. He was the fifth to be evicted and left the house on day 42.

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Secret: George is a multimillionaire.

  • Dramatic Irony: When he got the nomination superpower, he made a misjudgement that landed him in the red zone and resulted in his eviction. Really reminded the housemates that the superpower can be deadly on yourself.


Josh Moore is a 28 year old musician from South Australia. Josh works on Nova FM, and hates people who "don't help out in the kitchen". He was the sixth Housemate to enter on Launch Night.

He left on day 59 for personal reasons. His brother unexpectedly died and after meeting with his parents he decided to leave the house and support his family. He made his goodbyes with the housemates in person and the show changed for the week, stopping live updates for the day, cancelling the Red vs Blue challenge and replacing the eviction on sunday with a dedication episode to him. The money received from the voting lines was donated to The Salavation Army which Josh and his family supported.

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Secret: Josh has dated over 100 women.

  • Chick Magnet / The Casanova: He's dated over 100 women, he's been sleeping with Angie and seems to be serious with Ava since her inroduction (Note: she met him first before officially entering the house.)
  • Surfer Dude: He's pretty cool and surfs but he's still smart.
  • Those Two Guys: With Michael.


Layla Subritzky is a 24 year old from Brisbane, but originally comes from Manchester, England. She said in her introduction video that she gets her nails done daily. She was the fifth Housemate to enter on Launch Night. On Day 8, she was nominated for eviction alongside Charne and Estelle, she received the most votes and survived. She was evicted placing second and won $10,000 (AU) dollars and also received the keys to a Holden Volt she previously won in a weekly challenge.

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Secret: Related to royalty. (descended from John III Sobieski, a former monarch of Poland)

  • Pimped-Out Dress: Had to wear a big (Gypsy) wedding dress for a whole night for a weekly challenge.


Michael Beveridge is a 26 year old advertising copywriter from Brisbane. He has stated that he broke up with his girlfriend of seven years to come on the show. He was the first Housemate to enter on Launch Night. He was evicted on day 85.

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Secret: Michael has an IQ of a genius (specifically 136).


Ray Baxter is a 25 year old veterinarian from Brisbane. He was the thirteenth housemate to enter, going into the house around 10:45pm on Day 2. Upon entering the house, Ray was immediately punished for repeatedly calling Big Brother 'mate'. As such, he was forced to don a schoolboy outfit and write "I must not call Big Brother naughty names" fifty times upon a chalkboard provided in the naughty corner. He was evicted on day 35. He had a temporary return as part of the "Unwanted Guests" challenge.

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Secret: Ray was a juvenile offender.

  • Reformed Criminal: As seen above his secret was that he was a juvenile offender who got his life back together and became a vet.


Ryan Buckingham is a 22 year old male model from Victoria. He was the twelfth Housemate to enter, going into the house on Day 2. He was evicted on day 21.

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Secret: Ryan has not had a girlfriend since he was 11.


Sam Wallace lives in Queensland's Gold Coast, though grew up in Tamworth, NSW. Sam was the second intruder for the 2012 series, entering the house on September 18th. He was evicted on day 84.

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  • Mr. Fanservice: There's a very good reason why Bradley had to tell him about all the female housemates and then the next day having him go on a date with all of them.


Sarah Wentworth-Perry is a 30 year old salesperson in car dealership from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. She is the only Housemate that entered on Launch Night to state that she has a significant other outside of the Big Brother House. She was the second person to enter on Launch Night. A vegetarian, Sarah was protesting against the use of fur for fashion. She was evicted on day 28.

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Secret: Was a nude protester.

  • Running Gag: A common joke with her was her constantly mentioning that she's 30 years old.


Stacey Wren is a 24 year old accounts manager in advertising from Sydney, New South Wales. She was the ninth Housemate to enter on Launch Night. She was evicted on day 77.

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Secret: Stacey is a hand model.


Zoe Westgarth is a 23 year old university student from New South Wales. Zoe admits to never having a boyfriend and holds quite political views. She didn't tell parents that she went to the Big Brother house, afraid of what they would say but calmed down upon seeing a message from them saying that they're proud of her. Was evicted on day 85.

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Secret: Used to be an "emo".


The house's third intruder, a stray dog named Delilah. She is a 4-and-a-half year old Australian Kelpie who came to the Animal Welfare League of Qld Gold Coast rehoming centre as a stray. She then entered the Big Brother house to be raised by the housemates.

She loves to catch flies, she is great with other dogs and animals, is very responsive to people and is keen to please, she is intelligent and very alert, is still learning how to walk well on a lead as she tends to pull in her eagerness to explore but she will respond when you tell her to heel and she sits on command.

Left on day 84 after the housemates chose her a family to be with.

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Little Sister

Big Brother's little sister whom is portrayed a stereotypical blogger and gossipy girl. She operates this blog reporting on events in the house. She had her onscreen debut in the show asking fan submitted questions towards the housemates every wednesday night.

Big Baby

Once upon a time a couple named Mr and Mrs Big Brother had a beautiful, bouncy daughter named Big Baby but this was no ordinary baby, and arrived after a tough birth, weighing in at 16.9 kilos and 152cm in length.

But it wasn’t long before Mr and Mrs Big Brother needed their precious bundle babysat, and turned to Big Brother Housemates for help. “Do not mess this up. Big Brother is very protective of his little munchkin,” warned Big Brother after he asked HMs to take care of the apple of his eye.

Unless that blurb above didn't point it out, Big Baby is Big Brother's daughter that is being cared for by the housemates as part of a weekly task.