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Characters: Big Brother AU 2008

Alice Redwood

  • Love Imbues Life: She didn’t have any friends in the house, and housemates joke she fell in love with the treadmill.

Barney Barnett

Ben McCallum

  • Emo Teen: Entered the house as a wannabe bad-boy, but ended up just being a sulky 19 year old.
  • Camp Straight: Experimented with the hair straightener, and attempted to look more and more metrosexual.

Bianca Benigno

  • Maturity Is Serious Business: Took Corey’s antics far too seriously… saying he has a “social responsibility” to represent Generation Y in the media.

Corey Worthington

  • Wild Teen Party: Gained national notoriety for throwing a teenage party, and refusing to take his sunglasses off on live TV. He finally did in the House, but only after Big Brother asked him to.

Ed Cherry

  • Predatory Business: Came on the show purely to seduce fan-favorite Brigitte and steal her thunder.
  • Surfer Dude: The look, the attitude, the gold coast lifestyle.

David Tchappat

  • Space Amish: He grew up and defected from the “Exclusive Bretheren” cult.

Dixie Crawford

  • Unexplained Detail: They never addressed how she and Renee knew each other outside of the show.

Michael Crafter

Nathan Strempel

  • A Man Is Not a Virgin: People found it hard to believe that the 30 year old bald guy with bad teeth was a virgin. It wasn’t because of religious or love reasons… he just “hadn’t gotten around to it.”

Nobbi Tanaka

  • Unhappy Camper: Forced to live outside in a Kombi Van for the entire season. Much of the season focused on his frustration with it and Terri.

Rebecca Morgan

Renee Black

  • Psycho Lesbian: Erratic behavior and a big fan of nudie runs, she was victimized by the Australian public as a crazy bitchy lesbian.

Rhianna Baxter

  • Glamorous Single Mother: She was a beautiful woman, and someone’s mother. Her relationship with Rory was sketch.

Rory Ammon

Saxon Pepper

  • Mad Oracle: Known as the “Space Cadet”. He believes in Aliens. The truth is out there.

Terrence Hardie

Terri Munro

  • Racist Grandma: After initially making enemies with everyone, she won the entire country over.

Travis Gilyana

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