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In the late '80s, Ys I & II were two of the very first games to fully take advantage of the PC-Engine's CD add-on to deliver Red Book-audio quality music, as opposed to the typical beeps and squawks of the time. Masterfully arranged by Ryo Yonemitsu, it was really good music. A lot of the music for Ys I & II was composed by the legendary musician Yuzo Koshiro alongside Mieko Ishikawa, which greatly influenced the soundtracks of the sequels.
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     Ancient Ys Vanished and The Final Chapter 

     Wanderers from Ys / The Oath in Felghana 

     The Dawn of Ys / Mask of the Sun / Memories of Celceta 

     The Ark of Napishtim 

     Ys Origin 
  • The opening song of Ys Origin, Genesis ~ Beyond the Beginning is, as so common in the series, awesome. And the title shouts back to the very start of the intro movie from the PC Engine Ys I, which said, simply, "In the Beginning". But of course, it takes its crown from its use in-game, before Toal Fact fights the last bosses.
  • The boss theme, Scars of the Divine Wing. As a Youtube commenter named MapleMeringue observes, "the hallmark of boss progress is living long enough to hear the riff at 1:12".
  • And the sub-boss theme, Oboro.
  • Origin also had awesome stage music like Scarlet Tempest, Silent Desert, and Samsara And Paramnesia.
  • The final boss music kicks into Over Drive.
  • The new version of Termination is easily one of the most amazing pieces of music to grace a video game.
  • The battle with Jenocres in Rado's Annex is set to a raucous jazz remix of Tension from Ys I & II.
  • Water Prison.

     Ys Seven 

     Remixes / Live Performances