Funny / Ys

  • In Ys I & II Chronicles, shooting the villagers in the second game with the Fire spell results in downright hilarious quotes. Of course, they might also get kinda pissed about it.
  • From the English version of Ys: The Oath in Felghana, we have this Dogi the Wall-Crusher quotenote :
    "Oh, Mams! Why you gotta bust my walls like that?"
  • Another quote from Dogi, when Adol saves Elena from some monsters, she immediately recognizes Dogi with a surprised expression. Dogi's confused response is priceless, especially the casual way his actor delivers the line.
    "Huh? What's wrong? Something on my face? Am I like, covered in monster gore?"
  • At one point in Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys, Dogi once again busts through a wall to rescue Adol. As you walk out together though, it becomes apparent that he actually busted through about 6 different walls to get to you, many of which had unlocked doors right next to them.
  • Yet again from Oath, talking to Antonio to start a sidequest.
    Antonio: Oh, what to do, what to do... With the quarry closed down, I'll never get my hands on any ravel ore! My investors will all drop me, and I'll be ruined! I don't look forward to the mountains of debt that await me when I get back to Rom. Failure, thy name is Antonio...
    (notices Adol)
    Antonio: ...But wait! You're the type people randomly send on quests, aren't you? Please, sir! Sell me some ravel ore!
  • From Ys: Origin, when Yunica receives the help of the goddess Feena in order to cure her friends from a petrification spell, she says exactly this before leaving the room:
    Yunica: Thank you lady Feena! I love you!
    • The fact that the screen shakes while she says this and the reaction of Feena and the others make this scene funnier.
  • Memories of Celceta has one when Karna climbs to the highest point in the starting town in order to try and find Adol amongst the crowd. The citizens are afraid she's set up for a suicide jump and try to talk her down, but she can't hear and simply waves to all of them. They then send General Leo to scale the wall and bring her down. As he begins climbing, she spots Adol, jumps down from her position, and delivers The Glomp after landing, of course not understanding that her actions aren't entirely normal outside of her village.
    • Many interactions between Calilica and Duren end up having one.
  • The things the monsters says when you are in Roo form in Ys Book II can range from pointless to helpful. But sometimes they just make bad Jokes, specially at Adol's mother.
  • Adol's first encounter with Laxia on Seiren Island in VIII being an Accidental Pervert moment for him. He stumbles onto her while she's drying off from washing ashore and deflects her attempt to stab him reflexively. A combination of her poor stance and awkward thrust cause her to lose both her weapon and her towel. The camera pans away in time to hear a loud slap. Adol has a hilarious "Why me?" look afterwards.
  • Some of the dialogue options in VIII allow Adol to be a bit of a Troll ranging from pretending to forget who Dogi is to flirting with Laxia just to push her buttons.