Awesome Music: Metallica

Hotel rooms and motorways / Life out here is raw / But we will never stop / We will never quit / cause YOU'RE Metallica

  • ...And Justice For All. They had just lost arguably the driving force behind their musical evolution into the nine-minute epic-writing band we know them as today and were pissed at having to hire a replacement (the perpetual Butt Monkey Jason Newsted). They somehow channeled that into an album that had enough sheer force behind every song to make every song, from the opening reversed-guitar intro to "Blackened" to the last thrash-tastic moments of "Dyers Eve", an expression of the raw fury they felt at the time. They even managed to score a Grammy off "One", which cemented their meteoric rise to fame.
    • "One" is also #3 on best Solo and #5 on best song according to Top anyway.
    • Speaking of Grammys, arguably their Moment of Awesome really came when ...And Justice For All LOST to Jethro Tull for the Best Hard Rock Album Grammy. The upset, more than anything else, put Metallica on the mainstream map.
    • And yes, you read that right, the intro to "Blackened" is reversed. You cannot even tell at all that it's reversed, no giveaways at all. Doubles as an awesome moment in the sense that they managed to create a riff that sounds just as fantastic backwards as it is forwards.
  • Master of Puppets if only for the title song, and "Battery", but consensus says the entire album qualifies. There's a reason why so many web sites and metal magazines have ranked it as the greatest metal album of all time; it's pure, distilled awesome from start to finish.
  • Their debut album, 1983's Kill 'Em All, which may just blow Master of Puppets clear out of the water. "Hit the Lights" is just fucking awesome: not even rabid metal fans had heard a song that fast before! "Motorbreath" is similarly insane, and "The Four Horsemen" is just plain spooky.
  • Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra's "S&M" performance. See "The Call of Ktulu". It raises the feeling of being with a monster without saying a word.
    • The S&M "The Thing That Should Not Be" could even surpass the original version.
    • They managed to make One even more orgasmic.
    • The performance of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" at the same concert was breathtakingly amazing. The whole performance is basically a Concert of Awesome.
    • The S&M version of "The Ecstasy of Gold" is just breathtaking and sends chills up the spine. It's unbelievable.
    • The S&M version of "Battery" is absolutely amazing. Not only is it an absolutely intense song, the intro is complemented to perfection by the Orchestra. Finally, the intensity of the vocals combined with the excellent instrumentals on both sides is absolutely orgasmic.
    • The whole idea of a symphony orchestra playing with Metallica sounds ridiculous at first, but with Michael Kamen at the helm (he previously collaborated with them on the Black Album) it should be no surprise that the combination is glorious. Any doubts that "Call of Ktulu" didn't erase are gone once the first few notes of "Master of Puppets" hits.
    • "Hero of the Day" and "No Leaf Clover". The latter is the song to listen to regain your faith after St. Anger.
  • The "Big Four Live" European mini-tour with Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer, with the performance in Sofia, Bulgaria on 2010-06-22 being shown in theaters worldwide that same night.
  • The Beyond Magnetic EP. These four songs were cut from Death Magnetic, and finally released in their rough mixes. The song "Shine" finally got released as "Just a Bullet Away" and is totally epic. Also, "The Rebel of Babylon" is a tearjerking tribute to Layne Stayley. This should set aside all doubts about Metallica that stem from LuLu.
  • Speaking of Lulu, while it may have a reputation as "that album everybody hates", it's not half bad if you pretend Lou Reed isn't mumbling. In fact, there are videos on Youtube with Lou Reed removed from the songs.