Awesome Music: Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami
  • For a pumping synth-y disco beat, "Miami Disco" by Perturbator and "Knock Knock" by Scattle are the ones to go for.
  • "Release" by M|O|O|N fits into this as well, with its resemblance to the theme from Blade Runner.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  • "Technoir" by Perturbator and "Decade Dance" by Jasper Byrne, for starters. Perfect level of energy for the gameplay.
  • "Roller Mobster" by Carpenter Brut plays during Death wish, and it feels like an injection of pure adrenaline. "Le Perv" counts, too.
  • "Divide" by Magna helps introducing the intensity of the game just as it begins.
  • "Simma Hem" by Riddarna, a great piece of Swedish rock. It's a shame most of it isn't used in-game.note