Awesome / Hotline Miami

This page will be full of SPOILERS. You Have Been Warned. Examples for the sequel should go on their own page.

  • Any big gunfight where you manage to lure nearly a dozen guys into the same doorway, blowing away multiple gunners with one shot/spray. Even better if the enemies do manage to get some shots off but they miss.
  • Defeating multiple gunners with pure melee. Really anytime you successfully burst into a room and beat upwards of four people inside to death with a bat or nine iron. CANDYGRAM!
  • Pretty much every single part where you have to take on a lot of gunners at once, such as the casino, and especially when fighting the police chief. Even more awesome if you wipe out the casino with your fists! (there's an achievement for that)
  • The nightclub music, and by extension, getting an awesome combo to the beat of the music.
  • The whole boss battle against the local boss of The Mafiya, like something straight out of a James Bond movie or Equilibrium!
  • Honestly, just playing through the whole fucking game. When nearly everyone is a One-Hit Wonder you'll need speed, reflexes, and violence of action to get you through.
  • Shoot through several people with the Magnum. You'll get a huge combo and feel like such a badass!
  • Getting a 12+ combo and the Combo King Achievement. This means killing 12+ enemies in quick succession without a break in between. Most levels don't have that many enemies, much less luring them all to the same place to be killed.