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Nightmare Fuel: Hotline Miami
This page will be full of SPOILERS, you have been warned.

  • Dead bodies still twitching, still bleeding, still talking, asking you "What the fuck are you looking at?" Made worse by the fact that this is one possible symptom of real PTSD - seeing dead bodies that aren't really there.
    • Lucky (if you can call it that), since the past events leading up to Jacket waking up in the hospital, have been him dreaming the past events he has experienced. Although not all of it was a dream.
  • The finishing moves for the bosses is no slouch, either. The first boss has you gouging his eyes out. The second one consists of you hitting his head so hard with a golf club that only a quarter of his head is left. The third boss has you beating him up horribly and then setting him on fire.
    • While you're finishing the third boss (despite his desperate pleas to be spared), the cutscene keeps "skipping" forward as the screen keeps flashing to static (which is similar to what happens in one of the intermission shop visits, where you get the first creepy vision, a sign of Sanity Slippage). Combined with you losing control of your protagonist, it feels like at this point he is literally unable to stop himself from brutally killing people and isn't even fully aware of what he is doing.
      • Made worse, since the guy may have been completely innocent and that Jacket just attacked him for no reason. Although it doesn't explain how the van ended up there.
      • Wait. How did the extra bodies get there then? If the driver was innocent what about the ones Jacket killed in "self defense"?
  • Wrong Number has the fans' beatdown of one of the last white-suited mobsters left. Even scarier is how he is so full of drugs that he is just as disconnected from the beating as the player is:
    "What... are you hitting me? I... I just wanna go home. Can you call Mary? She'll... she'll come get me. Is that blood... Am I bleeding? Do I need to go to the hospital? Guys...? Look, I just want to go home, OK?"
  • Really, the entire game (and it's upcoming sequel). Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's challenging. But what the Hitman is doing is violently, relentlessly and ruthlessly killing hundreds of people. He may be completely crazy, he may be a psychopath, or he may be forced into it against his will...but he's still an extremely violent mass murderer killing at the behest of a mysterious voice on his answering machine.

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