Awesome Music: Coldplay

Love Them or Hate Them, enough people loved them for this page.
  • "Easy to Please", from their second ever public release (an EP by the name Brothers & Sisters) may well be the most beautiful song they've ever done.

  • "Sparks" is both truly depressing and beautiful.
  • Some hold that there is no better Coldplay track than "Everything's Not Lost", though "Shiver" comes a close second.
  • "Yellow", as it (deservedly) is the song that first brought the band to world recognition. The crunching guitar riff also strangely fits in the song well.
  • "Spies".
  • "Don't Panic". The lyrics are kind of sad, but it's done in a way that makes it a beautiful song nonetheless.

A Rush of Blood to the Head

  • "Speed of Sound" is inspiring.
  • "Fix You" will make anyone want to cry. And if it by some miracle doesn't, listen to this incredible rendition by an old man. A dying old man. You'll never hear this song again without tearing up.
  • The frequently ignored "Twisted Logic" has one of their most absurd and yet most brilliant lyrics, backed up by instrumentals that will make you shiver inside.

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends
  • "Life in Technicolor" is a beautiful way to start the album, making great use of Jon Hopkins' "Light Through the Veins" before segueing into the sitar-tinged instrumental.
  • "Lovers in Japan" does not get nearly enough love. Probably doesn't help that is was overshadowed by Viva la Vida.

Prospekt's March

Mylo Xyloto

Ghost Stories
  • "A Sky Full Of Stars" is immense and epic... like a sky full of stars.
  • "Midnight" is the musical definition of Sweet Dreams Fuel. The song's just so lush and beautiful, and Chris' soft vocals match perfectly.
  • "O" is absolutely beautiful. It's a softer piano piece, with quieter vocals and a gorgeous melody, and it's a perfect song to end the album with.

  • LeftRightLeftRightLeft, the free live album formerly available on the Coldplay website can make any fan happy. In some of the songs, the audience's clapping becomes a part of the song.
  • "Christmas Lights," the band's 2010 Christmas single, is utterly beautiful, and the music video features, among other things, Elvis impersonators playing violins, a self-playing piano, fireworks, and fish puppets. Hell, this song is the musical equivalent of An Ass-Kicking Christmas. Bravo, Coldplay.
  • "Fight For Your Right".
  • "Ladder to the Sun", an unreleased track that was performed live throughout the "Rush of Blood to the Head" Tour. Damn shame too, it's such a beautiful song, hitting all the feelings of love, loss and longing.
  • "Atlas", written for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.