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YMMV: Coldplay
  • Awesome Music: See their page.
  • Contested Sequel: Mylo Xyloto. So far, fans have either fallen in love with the new, poppier direction or lambasted Coldplay for "going mainstream."
  • Banned in China: Parachutes, due to "Spies" being interpreted as a potshot at their form of communism. Buckland commented that the banning was "really weird."
  • Black Sheep Hit: Parachutes is practically a Black Sheep Album: its intimate, acoustic style doesn't sound like any of Coldplay's other albums, and the band hates it these days. (Though "Yellow" still survives on the setlist.)
  • Breakthrough Hit: "Yellow".
  • Broken Base: Viva la Vida While most loved it, there was a sizeable minority who detested the "pretentious" direction and wanted a return to the old simple, poppy style.
  • Dream Team: worked with both Kylie Minogue and Rihanna
  • Even Better Sequel: A Rush of Blood to the Head in comparison to its predecessor Parachutes.
  • Epic Riff: Quite a few...notably, "Clocks", "Viva La Vida", "Talk", "Yellow", and "Charlie Brown" (the latter even before its album was released!).
    • And "Violet Hill"!
    • "Paradise" is this in Australia due to its use in promotion in relation to the show Revenge
    • "Life in Technicolor" has one of these, notable for being one of the few epic dulcimer riffs.
    • "Strawberry Swing."
  • Ear Worm:
    • "I used to RULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE the world..."
    • The opening keyboard bars in "Clocks" qualify too.
    • "Birds go flying at the speed of sound, to show you how it all began..."
    • "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall".
    • "Charlie Brown".
    • PARADISE. It's a Daft Punk level Ear Worm. No, maybe a little bit higher.
  • Face of the Band: Chris Martin, to the extent that people sometimes call him "Coldplay." And it's easy to see why. A lot of people think Coldplay is a pretty cool guy.
  • Growing the Beard: Many critics and general music fans only started to like the band after Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, and in particular the release of the single "Violet Hill".
    • More so with Mylo Xyloto!
  • Ho Yay Shipping: Chris and Jonny, again. I mean, really. Chris is totally checking Jonny out in this pic.
  • Internet Backdraft: "Princess of China". These three words will set off a bitch-fight for pages. It's either too mainstream for Coldplay fans, too weird for Rihanna fans, or it's blasted for not using exclusively Chinese elements in its video. Those who actually like the song and think the video is well-done are quickly drowned out and accused of not knowing "real" music.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: This band is one of the most unfortunate victims of this. The 40-Year-Old Virgin may be at least partly to blame.
  • Magnum Opus: Either A Rush of Blood to the Head or Viva La Vida or Mylo Xyloto.
  • One of Us: To help prepare for the role of Pepper Potts in the Iron Man film, Gwyneth Paltrow, spouse of lead singer Chris Martin, borrowed a few comic books from her husband.
  • Paranoia Fuel: "Major Minus" off of Mylo Xyloto. Justified, since the titular character is pretty much Big Brother.
  • Sampled Up: The riff in "Talk" (you know the one) is adapted (with permission) from the riff of "Computer Love" by electronic band Kraftwerk.
    • Chris Martin has admitted that "Fix You" was inspired by the Elbow song "Grace Under Pressure".
  • Shrug of God: The bandmembers rarely give specific explanations of a song's meaning (though they love to give fake ones). Chris, the main lyric-writer, has stated that he has no idea what "Yellow" is about.
    • Jonny once stated that it was about bananas.
  • Signature Song: Either "Clocks", "Yellow", "Viva la Vida", or "Paradise".
  • Viral Marketing: The lyrics videos for "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall".
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Pretty much all the promotional videos for Mylo Xyloto so far.
    • Mylo and Xyloto being the characters in the album's storyline. Still, very strange names.

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