Awesome Music / Coldplay

Love Them or Hate Them, enough people loved them for this page.
  • "Easy to Please", from their second ever public release (an EP by the name Brothers & Sisters) may well be the most beautiful song they've ever done.

  • "Sparks" is both truly depressing and beautiful.
  • Some hold that there is no better Coldplay track than "Everything's Not Lost", though "Shiver" comes a close second.
  • "Yellow", as it (deservedly) is the song that first brought the band to world recognition. The crunching guitar riff also strangely fits in the song well.
  • "Don't Panic". The lyrics are kind of sad, but it's done in a way that makes it a beautiful song nonetheless.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
  • "Clocks" has a catchy, dreamy piano riff, a bouncing beat to go along with it, and a strange mix of electrifying energy and entrancing peacefulness that just makes it amazing to listen to.
  • "The Scientist", a melancholy, introspective piano ballad. It's wonderful right from the beginning, but it only gets better as it gradually introduces some lovely strings, uplifting guitar, and finally, bright distorted guitar. The end result is just beautiful.
  • "Amsterdam" can be used for a pick-me-up whenever stuff gets real. As long as you ignore the lyrics.
  • "God Put a Smile on Your Face". Guaranteed to get your head nodding, or your toes tapping, or something.The live remix mashes it up with "Talk", adds some dance elements, and pretty much pushes the whole thing Up to Eleven. There's also the other live remix they played for the Unstaged concert, and at some others, which adds a slow, beautiful intro, speeds up the tempo and dials up the song's general intensity, and most awesomely of all, adds an insane, off-the-wall guitar solo at the end.
  • "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is a quiet-awesome type of song. In a way, it's the sound of self-justified madness.
  • "Warning Sign" is awesome and the final lines just stay in your head.
  • "In My Place". Especially the intro. It even gets away with ripping off Ride, because that beat is so fat.
  • "Politik", likely the fastest, hardest track Coldplay's ever done. It's bursting with energy from the start, which is contrasted well with still, quiet verses. Then, in the last verse, the chords change and take a touching turn, Chris sings a beautiful melody, and it erupts one last time into an epic, emotional finale. It might be even better live, when Chris joins in with the second half of the outro, adding a beautiful falsetto line in.

  • "Speed of Sound" might be very similar to "Clocks" off the last album, but if anything it brings even more energy and wistfulness to the board, making the song possibly even better.
  • "Fix You" will make anyone want to cry. And if it by some miracle doesn't, listen to this incredible rendition by an old man. A dying old man. You'll never hear this song again without tearing up.
  • The frequently ignored "Twisted Logic" has one of their most absurd and yet most brilliant lyrics, backed up by instrumentals that will make you shiver inside.

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

Prospekt's March

Mylo Xyloto

Ghost Stories
  • "A Sky Full Of Stars" is immense and epic... like a sky full of stars.
  • "Midnight" is the musical definition of Sweet Dreams Fuelnote . The song's just so lush and beautiful, and Chris' soft and distorted (a la Bon Iver) vocals match perfectly. Then the synths come in...
  • "Fly On" is absolutely beautiful. It's a softer piano piece, with quieter vocals and a gorgeous melody, and it's a perfect song to end the album with.
  • The hidden track "O" is no slouch either. It's an absolutely gorgeous ambient track with choral warblings and lead vocals by Chris' own children that are reverberated to give off an eerily beautiful ghost effect.
  • "Another's Arms", with its swaying synths and trip hop-like beat. The start of the song is amazing by itself, led by piano with female singing on top of it.

A Head Full of Dreams
  • The opening Title Track is an overwhelmingly epic dance anthem, and the way Chris shouts "A HEAD FULL! A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS!" at the end of the chorus is quite relieving to listen to.
  • "Birds" is their fastest-paced song since "Hurts Like Heaven", and is every bit as intense.
  • "Adventure of a Lifetime". That guitar riff alone has set a new standard for this band's composition skills.
  • The opening lick on "Fun" has this atmospheric feel to it.
  • "Amazing Day". Leave it to Coldplay to write an EDM ballad in 6/8.
  • "Up&Up", their most upbeat album closer since "Death & All His Friends", featuring an awesome guitar solo from Noel Gallagher.
  • "Everglow" is a slow, emotional, and utterly beautiful ballad about losing someone you love, striking just the right balance between heartbreaking and heartwarming. The single version dials up the beauty a notch by removing the percussion and synths, lending the song a bit of simplicity.