Awesome / Zoids: New Century

  • The first appearance of Jamie's "Wild Eagle" alter ego.
  • Brad's escape from the Backdraft Group with the Shadow Fox
  • When the Judge gets Extreme Mle Revenge on the Dark Judge:
    "My word... is the law... on the battlefield!"
    "And all... will be punished... according... to... the law! NO... EXCEPTIONS!"
  • The final battle between Bit and Vega in the Liger Zero and Berserk Fury.
  • Each of Liger's different armor sets gets one for its debut, but the Panzer definitely takes the cake. It withstands a brutal barrage by the Elephander before blasting clean through its energy shield with its Hybrid cannons and quickly follows it up by destroying several dozen of the Backdraft Group's Zabats with its Burning Big Bang attack.