Funny / Zoids: New Century

  • Bit accidentally walks in on Leena bathing, to which she chases him around the base with the bathtub. We get the rest of the crew standing nearby, looking at the latest Zoid serenely. After a second, we hear a crunch and an agonized scream. A beat later:
    Leon: (not turning to look) That didn't sound too healthy.
    Dr. Toros: (also not turning) You okay, Bit?
    Bit: (groans)
    • It happens again and the second time Jamie has had to tell Leena that Bit had eaten her food in order to win a match (It makes sense in context).
    Brad: That didn't sound too healthy.
    Jamie: No, it didn't.
    Dr. Toros: You okay, Bit?
    Bit: (whimpers)
  • The Tournament Arc at the end of the series, where the Zabre Fang Team loses by default to the Blitz Team when their robots Face Fault and malfunction after the Judge accidentally introduces their team as "the Fuzzy Pandas".
  • The Judge getting pissed off at being hit by the Dark Judge (a Running Gag), so it climbs onto the Dark Judge's podium and kicks its ass while awarding the Shadow Fox to the Blitz team due to a technicality which Brad knew about when he took it.
    Judge: (striking a kabuki pose) My word is the law on the battlefield!
  • After a match against the Backdraft Group, the Dark Judge is reluctant to declare victory for the Blitz Team, so they persuade it with the Hovercargot's cannons.
    Dr. Toros: Announce the winner... (aims the guns) we're WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITING....
    Dark Judge: Ohhh...the winner is...the Blitz Team. (throws a fit)