Awesome: World Trigger

  • Anybody know where to start?
  • When an A-Rank team is set against him, Kuga copies their Trigger abilities and defeats them with those same abilities.
  • During the Aftokrator Invasion, Kuga defeats Visa in one-on-one combat. It is a one-on-one battle between two Black Triggers, and it is awesome.

  • During the Aftokrator invasion, Replica covers for Osamu by creating his own modified version of a Rabit based on Kuga's Black Trigger. It wins in a three-on-one battle against other Rabits.
  • Replica's Heroic Sacrifice stopping the invasion.

  • Osamu's entire character.
    • He is weak yes but he never backs down and will do anything he can to those in need
  • Osamu's promotion to to B-class.
  • Osamu defeating a neighbour without Kuga!
  • Osamu using hit wits to achieve a tie with the far superior Border agent Kazama.
  • Trigger Off you have to see it to believe it.
  • After the invasion is over Osamu is being used as The Scapegoat in order to shift the blame of the 32 kidnaped trainees on to him (since it's believed that him using his Trigger when he was still a C-Rank agent is what allowed the invading Neighbours to figure out that trainees aren't equipped with a Bail Out system). Osamu stands up to all of the reporters trying to railroad him tells them point blank he would have still used his Trigger to protect the civilians regardless of if he had known. And when the reporters ask what he'll do about the kidnapped trainees, he tells the reporters that he'll bring them back himself.



  • Shooting the Ibis.
  • Chapter 52: Training Triggers are much weaker than B-Class Triggers in terms of power. Chika blows apart a Rabit, a Trion Soldier able to take on A-Class soldiers solo and win, with one shot.
  • chika giving osamu her trion so he can destroy some of the strongest rabbits spoiler he does

Border Agents
  • Team Tamakoma completely overwhelming two Modified Rabits when they arrive into battle.
    • Reiji was able to analyze Visa's trigger to allow Kuga a brief advantage in their fight.
  • In chapter 55, Konami cuts apart two wounded Rabits in the space of a minute with her Trigger.

  • Chapter 62: Reiji is one of the strongest Trigger users in Border, able to go fisticuffs with a Rabit and knock it away with ease. When he encounters Visa, Visa activates Organon, cuts down every building within a city block and easily defeats Reiji.
  • Lamvanein opens up the invasion with his Trigger Chelidon's impressive display of power, taking out five of the seven Border Agents who initially go against him with ease.