Awesome: World Trigger

  • Anybody know where to start?
  • When an A-Rank team is set against him, Kuga copies their Trigger abilities and defeats them with those same abilities.
  • During the Aftokrator Invasion, Kuga defeats Visa in one-on-one combat. It is a one-on-one battle between two Black Triggers, and it is awesome.

  • During the Aftokrator invasion, Replica covers for Osamu by creating his own modified version of a Rabit based on Kuga's Black Trigger. It wins in a three-on-one battle against other Rabits.
  • Replica's Heroic Sacrifice stopping the invasion.




  • Shooting the Ibis.
  • Chapter 52: Training Triggers are much weaker than B-Class Triggers in terms of power. Chika blows apart a Rabit, a Trion Soldier able to take on A-Class soldiers solo and win, with one shot.
  • chika giving osamu her trion so he can destroy some of the strongest rabbits spoiler he does

Border Agents
  • Team Tamakoma completely overwhelming two Modified Rabits when they arrive into battle.
    • Reiji was able to analyze Visa's trigger to allow Kuga a brief advantage in their fight.
  • In chapter 55, Konami cuts apart two wounded Rabits in the space of a minute with her Trigger.

  • Chapter 62: Reiji is one of the strongest Trigger users in Border, able to go fisticuffs with a Rabit and knock it away with ease. When he encounters Visa, Visa activates Organon, cuts down every building within a city block and easily defeats Reiji.
  • Lamvanein opens up the invasion with his Trigger Chelidon's impressive display of power, taking out five of the seven Border Agents who initially go against him with ease.