Funny: World Trigger

  • In general, all the duck faces, to the point of Memetic Mutation.
  • Kuga's troll faces
  • The disturbingly adorable piles of dead Osamus that tend to show up when discussing his combat ability (or lack thereof).

Introduction Arc

Black Trigger Retrieval Arc

Border Enlistment Arc
  • Ai Kitora being happier than necessarily warranted upon confirming that it was Yuma and not Osamu who defeated the Neighbour that attacked their school.
  • Ai Kitora being very jealous that Osamu is Karasuma's pupil.
  • Chapter 34: Everyone's shocked reactions when Chika blows a hole clean through the base walls with a Training Trigger by accident.

Large-Scale Invasion Arc
  • Kasumi Mikumo, Osamu's mother, is so youthful looking, that even Karasawa mistook her to be Osamu's sister. Being told otherwise stuns him into silence.

B-Class Rank Battles Arc
  • Sakurako Taketomi, one of the commentators for the battle, reacts with sheer shock at Yuma's skill and Chika's power.