Funny / World Trigger

  • In general, all the duck faces, to the point of Memetic Mutation.
  • Kuga's troll faces
  • The disturbingly adorable piles of dead Osamus that tend to show up when discussing his combat ability (or lack thereof).
  • Character profiles at the end of each volumes are usually hilarious as Ashihara makes fun of every character, such as Yuuma's duck faces, Osamu's lack of character without his glasses, Kodera's overlapping character with Osamu's, Arafune's love for jumping off buildings, Suwa's cube, Hyuse's inability to sleep facing up due to his horns, etc.

Introduction Arc

Black Trigger Retrieval Arc

Border Enlistment Arc
  • Ai Kitora being happier than necessarily warranted upon confirming that it was Yuma and not Osamu who defeated the Neighbour that attacked their school.
  • Ai Kitora being very jealous that Osamu is Karasuma's pupil.
  • Chapter 34: Everyone's shocked reactions when Chika blows a hole clean through the base walls with a Training Trigger by accident.

Large-Scale Invasion Arc
  • Kasumi Mikumo, Osamu's mother, is so youthful looking, that even Karasawa mistook her to be Osamu's sister. Being told otherwise stuns him into silence.

B-Class Rank Battles Arc
  • Sakurako Taketomi, one of the commentators for the battle, reacts with sheer shock at Yuma's skill and Chika's power.
  • Tachikawa doing things captain-like by explaining the meaning of the team emblem to Yuiga.
    • the middle sword represents izumi while the top an bottom are for his 2 swords so poor Yuiga is so weak he does not even qualify as a sword.
    • when his team operator Yuu ask where she is he says she is the moon an she says that is a good position
  • Ninomiya making snowmen to kill time during round 4. It doubles as heartwarming moment, because the number of the snowmen indicates that he still considers Hatohara, who backstabbed the whole team, to be part of his team.
  • Enedorad watching Terminator-2 and getting hooked.
  • When Osamu an his team learn they can join the expedition at b-class so long as they get 2 place they focus an tactics to get more points while actually praying their opponents do not.
  • Ikoma unit in general. "Eggplant Curry!" Nuff said.
  • Ouji's nicknames and icons for everyone.

Fugitive Arc
  • Episode 56 has a scene where Satori suggests Kitora to wear a thong, complete with hand gestures. Kitora was obviously repulsed by the idea.
    • However, upon Karasuma joining in, Kitora suddenly decides Satori's suggestion was good.
    • The guys' surprise to see Usami and Lilith in a swimsuit, especially Xeno's blushing.
      • The funniest part is Shiori's reaction upon realizing that it was Lilith that Xeno was looking at, and didn't even notice her.