Heartwarming / World Trigger

Introduction Arc
  • Osamu helping Yuma keep his father's ring.
  • Yuma saving Osamu in the first chapter.
  • Osamu agreeing to teach Yuma about Japan's customs.
  • Kuga trying to to talk Osamu out of fighting the Marmods to save his life.
  • Replica deciding to reveal himself to Osamu.
    • Kuga even says he never does this so this speaks volumes on how much he trust's Osamu.
  • Osamu telling the Towns people that Kitora save their lives not him.
  • Jin helping Osamu stay in Border.

Black Trigger Retrieval Arc
  • The Tamakoma Branch accepting Yuma into their fold even though he is a Neighbour.
  • The Shinoda faction siding with the Takakoma Branch in protecting Yuma.

Large-Scale Invasion Arc
  • "I'm not on his side, it's just a hero should always be given an opportunity to fight back, correct?" And to make it awesome, Osamu does fight back hard.
  • Osamu calling Yuma partner judging by the surprised look on Yuma's face you can tell that it means a lot to him considering the fact he just recently lost Replica (his first partner).

B-Class Rank Battles Arc
  • Osamu, Yuma and Shiori teaching Chika to value her own life. When Reiji learns of their efforts, he also joins in the attempts.
  • Ko is worried that his Rapid-Learning Side Effect "stole" Arafune's hard work and drove him to quit being an Attacker. Arafune, who had already been planning to switch to being a Sniper beforehand but didn't want to sound like he was making excuses, records a message telling him not to blame himself. In fact, After achieving mastery as a Sniper and Gunner, he plans on teaching that to Ko as well.
  • Hyuse being unwilling to kill Yotaro, even if doing so would let him return to Afrokrater.