Heartwarming / World Trigger

Introduction Arc
  • Osamu helping Yuma keep his father's ring.
  • Yuma saving Osamu in the first chapter.
  • Osamu agreeing to teach Yuma about Japan's customs.
  • Kuga trying to to talk Osamu out of fighting the Marmods to save his life.
  • Replica deciding to reveal himself to Osamu.
    • Kuga even says he never does this so this speaks volumes on how much he trust's Osamu.
  • Osamu telling the Towns people that Kitora save their lives not him.
  • Jin helping Osamu stay in Border.

Black Trigger Retrieval Arc
  • Chika helping Kuga ride a bike
  • The Tamakoma Branch accepting Yuma into their fold even though he is a Neighbour.
  • The Shinoda faction siding with the Takakoma Branch in protecting Yuma.

Border Enlistment Arc
  • Kinuta praising Chika an when he sees Osamu gruffly tells him to look out for her
  • Kazama Says while Osamu is weak he likes his fighting style

Large-Scale Invasion Arc
  • Even though he thrashed him Shun wears a new battle uniform similar to Kuga
  • "I'm not on his side, it's just a hero should always be given an opportunity to fight back, correct?" And to make it awesome, Osamu does fight back hard.
  • Osamu calling Yuma partner judging by the surprised look on Yuma's face you can tell that it means a lot to him considering the fact he just recently lost Replica (his first partner).
  • Replica telling Osamu to look after Yuma when he makes his Heroic Sacrifice

B-Class Rank Battles Arc
  • Commander Kido talking to Osamu an his genuine interest in his health an welfare.
  • Osamu, Yuma and Shiori teaching Chika to value her own life. When Reiji learns of their efforts, he also joins in the attempts.
  • Kikuchihara helping Osamu with training an pointing that in his next fight not to disappoint Kazama who has high hopes for him
    • Tokieda noticing Kikuchihara talking with Osamu let alone to someone outside of his unit is rare
  • When he is a color commentator Shun calls Kuga Sempai an Osamu Captain
  • Ko is worried that his Rapid-Learning Side Effect "stole" Arafune's hard work and drove him to quit being an Attacker. Arafune, who had already been planning to switch to being a Sniper beforehand but didn't want to sound like he was making excuses, records a message telling him not to blame himself. In fact, After achieving mastery as a Sniper and Gunner, he plans on teaching that to Ko as well.
  • Hyuse an Yotaro's relationship in general
    • Once he leaves Tamakoma HQ he looks back an says goodbye big guy.
    • In a Flashback Jin ask Yotaro what if Hyuse wanted to return to Afto Krator an with out hesitation he says he would let him go home even thought the look on his face is so sad at just the thought.
    • Hyuse being unwilling to kill Yotaro, even if doing so would let him return to Afrokrater.
    • Hyuse even shield Yotaro with cape and trigger powers.
  • When Hyuse's enlistment in border is officialized Kuga tells him to call Osamu Captain
  • in Chapter 149 Netsuki reveals he regrets framing Osamu in the press conference when Osamu uses on of his tactics in the meeting he even says Osamu has learned nothin good from him