Awesome / 21 Jump Street

The Series

  • In the Pilot, Hanson is on a sting. A drug dealer holds a gun to his head and accuses him of being a cop.
    Hanson: Then pull the trigger.
  • Draw the Line: when Booker, who up until then is played as a bit of a jerk and is now hated by Doug for having arrested Hanson, is the one who takes action to clear Hanson's name: getting Hanson out of prison, and spending a whole day off work trying to solve the case, and in the end solving it - putting the real suspect away and freeing Hanson. It turns into more of a Tearjerker though when he is disciplined by the police force for acting against the rules when helping Hanson, and he then quits the police.
  • Orpheus 3.3: Hanson's pulling himself out of the Sanity Slippage he first seemed to go into after his girlfriend is murdered, and going to find and arrest the murderer.

The Film

  • Schmidt and Jenko screaming the Miranda Rights in unison to the Big Bad at the movie's climax.
    • And as soon as they finish, they give a simultaneous "Fuck you!"
  • THE ENTIRE LAST HALF HOUR OF THE MOVIE. From the epic shoot-out to the car chase to the explosions to the above example. it is just one long Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • Jenko using his newfound knowledge of chemistry to create a bomb that kills Domingo and his crew.
  • "You peaked in high school, motherfucker."