Nightmare Fuel / 21 Jump Street

  • The episode "I'm Ok— You need work." Hanson finds out that the kid he rescued in the Pilot episode has been thrown into a bizarre rehab center. When he goes to rescue him, he finds the institute to be a hell hole where the patients are routinely abused by the guards and the staff, and doped up to make them seem like hopless addicts. To top it off they are only officially "Cured" when the parents of said children's health insurance drys out. Tom like his friend before him gets abused, doped, restrained and transferred to a mental institution to silence him from testifying. To add insult to injury that same kid died while trying to escape from a vent shaft. To make matters worse they refuse to believe he is an undercover cop which gets him into more trouble. When Hoffs and Fuller manage to find him he was barely alive and dazed.