Funny / 21 Jump Street

The movie

  • The one-strap/two-strap backpack situation.
  • "You have the right to... to suck my dick, motherfucker!"
    • "I did read him his rights. I did a version of that."
      • Also, the apparent need to scream "FUCK YOU!" after every arrest.
      • Jenko and Schmidt getting even with one of the One Percenters by dry-humping him and tea-bagging him ("Drop my nuts on your muthafuckin' forehead!"), respectively. Schmidt celebrates their arrest by firing his gun in the air, sending bystanders scurrying for cover.
  • Captain Dickson's rant about being an Angry Black Man stereotype.
  • Jenko messing with Schmidt during his phone call.
  • Schmidt's Delayed Reaction to getting stabbed during a fight.
    "Oh, shit. When did I get stabbed?"
    • The crowd starts to wither with this news, until Schmidt goes "That's awesome!", causing the entire party to go back into full swing.
  • Jenko's chemistry quiz.
    Question: How is a covalent bond different from an ionic bond?
    b) NO, I'M NOT.
    d) FUCK YOU, QUIZ.
  • After taking HFS, Jenko returns to class and writes on the whiteboard, while high.
    "One particle of Unobtanium has a nuclear reaction with a flux capacitor; carry the 2, changing its atomic isotoner into a radioactive spider!" *turns around, revealing he's written the number 4 all over the whiteboard* "Fuck you, science!"
    • The shot during the credits is equally funny, where instead he just wrote the word "BOOBS" in gigantic letters.
  • The car chase which lampshades the Every Car Is a Pinto trope throughly.
    • And the scene right before, where Jenko and Schmidt steal a driving school's car; the teacher tries to stop them before abruptly giving up, muttering, "Oh, who cares?"
  • The coach getting his dick shot off and trying to pick it up with his teeth.
    • If you have good enough eyesight, you can see that he's actually trying to pick up half of a hot dog... and his actual dick is next to it.
    You shot him in the dick!
  • Schmidt and Jenko getting high. First, they promptly try to get rid of HFS before it gets into their system by shoving their fingers in each other's throats to force a vomit reflex, but wind up having to go to class altered beyond belief. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Or more importantly, the screen cap for the last stage of "FUCK YEAH, MOTHERFUCKER!" to whomever is on the stuff.
  • After Schmidt and Jenko go to 21 Jump Street after their HFS mishap, one of the undercover recruits mock them for it.
    Jr. Jr.: Meanwhile, you two were fingah-poppin' each otha's eesho's (finger-popping each other's assholes).
    Schimdt: We weren't "fingah-poppin' each otha's eesho's." We're getting shit done.
  • After Schmidt and Jenko throw a wild house party at Schmidt's parents' house as part of their cover, Mrs. Schmidt completely freaks out at them; at one point during her rant, she states that "I used to party with Robert Downey, Jr. before he got sober! When he was REALLY fucked up! And FUN!"
    • Hell, Schmidt and Jenko planning the party. They realise they'll need beer & comment that they'll need fake I.D.s to do so; cue uproarious laughter from the two since they're both over 21. Then they realise they'll need drugs & comment that they'll need to find a dealer; cue uproarious laughter from the two since they know a way to get a shit-load of drugs for free — raid the evidence lock-up for several large bags of pot.
    • Jenko initially goes for cocaine, but Schmidt shoots it down: "We're trying to show them a good time, not ruin their fucking lives!"
  • Schmidt praying to Korean Jesus for help and getting yelled at by Dickson for wasting Korean Jesus' time.
    Dickson: Korean Jesus ain't got time for your problems! He busy! With KOREAN SHIT!
  • The "ZZ Top" biker turns out to be Hanson, played by Johnny Depp himself!
  • Schmidt and Molly walk in on a girl-boy-girl threesome, with the guy in the middle. When they walk out, Molly starts laughing and asks, "What was the girl in the back doing?"