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Awesome: 2012
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Well duh, it's a Roland Emmerich film. I dare you to watch the thrilling climax in which a colossal ark careens through the flooded Himlayas and not enjoy it.
    • Really, the whole movie is basically a Scenery Porn snuff film—it sets up beautiful scenes and shots and then gleefully destroys them.
  • Yuri socking the guard, then leading the charge to get the refugees to the arks. "FOLLOW ME!"
    • He then helps his children on board when it looks like all three of them won't get on. He tosses one of his children onboard at the cost of his life just to be sure both survive.
  • The Yellowstone Caldera's eruption.
  • "Engine... on."
  • Emmerich sure loves destroying the White House. He's had aliens blow it up, and froze it solid, so how does he top those two? He has an aircraft carrier crush it into rubble!
  • In a Deleted Scene, Adrian, after enduring one snide remark too many from Anhaueser, slugs the asshole.

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